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The Ethno-politicians are in life vest in Ethiopia: a New Dawn is coming


Prosperity Tigray _
Prosperity Party and TPLF leaders meeting at Halala Kela after the Pretoria Agreement

By Abdissa Aga Alula

The sun of ethnopolitics in Ethiopia is going down right now. The two main forces of ethnic-based politics, TPLFItes and the Oromummas, who are driven by hatred and an inferiority complex, are losing ground in Ethiopia.  They have been working for it for more than 5o years. TPLFites reigned for twenty-seven years, and the Oromummas have been in power for five years. The former took the time to empower themselves in the economy and forgot their people for over two decades while in power. While the later ones learned from their previous bosses’ mistake that they had to change things. Instead of waiting for decades to do what they aspire to, they do it with a high tempo to realize what they plan to do: Oromumma dominated Ethiopia or a separate Oromo Empire.   This forced them to take quick turns here and there, which created momentum against them. Their reputation started to fall before the whole nation, even in Africa and on the international stage. They have become an Icon of instability and untrusted political partners.  No one trusts them anymore. Let us give particular examples.

First, they conspired against the TPLF and galvanized support from all Ethiopian people (inside the country and in the diaspora) to crush the TPLFites using the forces in Amhara and Afar. Since the TPLF had a considerable influence on the country due to its 27-year invested network across the country and internationally, they felt it necessary to crush them first. And they succeeded! They got their revenge, and it was their dream come true. Most of the army generals who led the war were from the Oromumma elites. However, their actions created a lot of enemies.

After the war, they hastily pursued a peace agreement, commonly known as the Pretoria Agreement or the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. Later, they met in Nairobi, Kenya, and Halal Kela in Ethiopia. In the Friendship Park in Addis Ababa, they celebrated by receiving certificates and diplomas for their effective participation in the two-year war that resulted in the deaths of one million people. Unfortunately, there was no justice for the victims, those who lost their properties, or their body parts. Instead, they merely honored their participation in a bloody war by hugging each other, drinking, sharing cigarettes, and exchanging gifts. The rule of law was absent, and justice was neglected. They acted in this manner because they were ethno-politicians who were only interested in securing power and money.

Then, they gave their back to the Afar people and Amhara people, who sacrificed a lot during the two-year war. They were not included in the Pretoria-Nairobi-Halal Kela so-called peace agreement. In fact, the Oromummas and TPLFites agreed to send the army to the Amhara region to disarm and humiliate the people there. They want to crush their spirit so that they will not withstand them and aspire for a fair and better Ethiopia. The military being sent to the Amhara region is like a wedding gift between the two ethno-politicians who just remarried with the help of Washington. It is like “ጥሎሽ”! But this decision made by these hate-based, inferiority complex-driven political groups was a historical mistake that brought their downfall across the country. They thought they were smart and they would solve the problem in a few days or weeks. It was a grave mistake.

When one bases its decision based on hatred and an inferiority complex, the decision is not of quality. By the way, for some reason, these political forces hate Amhara elites in the country. In addition, the Oromummas have a deeper inferiority complex to the Amhara, and the TPLFites have a deeper inferiority complex to the Eritreans. Whatever the Eritreans aspire to, they want to do it as well. These things have been the source of trouble for the Horn of Africa. Instead of complexity and hatred, they could have respected each other and helped and complemented each other. But they could not! Now, they are realizing the truth. Their hatred-based and complexity-driven politics is coming to an end. They are hitting the wall! They have come to a dead end! In his dark time, in their last gasp, they may do more disaster. Watch the space!

A New Dawn for Ethiopia 

On the contrary, a new dawn has come for all Ethiopians. It is led by the Fano spirit in the Amhara region. Ethiopians from all walks of life have risen above the challenge during the Italian invasion to protect the country and the people from the invaders, with that spirit. The concept of Fano is not new to humanity. Human beings in many places aspire for freedom, justice, and equality, during the French revolution, during the American revolution, and so on. There is no force on the planet that stops people when they stand together for freedom, equality, and justice. No weapon can overcome such human will and strength. That is what we see across the Amhara region. The people have been raised to defend themselves from an unfair, apartheid, and barbaric political system that kills kids and women; displaces millions in their own country; and shells civilians, cities, churches, mosques, and historical places with artilleries and tanks; which does DRONE attack on its own people! By the way, no government on this planet does such things on its own people. 

Fano aspires for equality in Ethiopia. As one of the Fano leaders said, there is no minority and majority in Ethiopia, but all are equal, and they can aspire to build their lives anywhere in the country. It is equivalent to   the United States Declaration of Independence: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The people of Texas in the USA are known for their love of their right to have their weapons and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. Even before Texas was created, the Amhara people, in general the Northern Ethiopia people, have lived with some kind of weapons. It is a lifestyle. However, most importantly, they aspire for the rule of law and the people abide by the law of the land. Lawlessness is something people do not tolerate. Fano aspires for the rule of law to be respected at every level of society.  In that way, it is possible to build a peaceful society. What is missing in the current Ethiopia is the rule of law. The people at the top are acting every day as lawless madmen who do this and that without any ramification or accountability. 

Now, all Ethiopians are called to join Fano with the spirit of equality, justice, and the rule of law. Actually, being Fano is an Ethiopian idea. It is more humanist!  The chapter on the past 32 years of unfair, biased, and apartheid systems should be closed. Every language, culture, group of people, and community should be respected equally valued, and included to build a sustainable strong nation for the generations to come. But this happens when all Ethiopians from every corner are represented well and genuinely, and all Ethiopians aspire to build their country together. They are called by Fano to join the momentum. The time of the crooked/dishonest/wicked politicians is over. The time of hatred-based and inferiority complex-driven politics is over.  The politics of division to get power is over. All are equals! Come and build your country!

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