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The Battle for the Soul of Malorussia 

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By Samuel Estefanous


These days skimming the news headlines one is tempted to scream ‘Lo and behold Empires in the West are cracking’. To make sense of the events unfolding before our eyes I think it is time for us to dump the modern day gurus, cable news network pundits as well as social media spin doctors and reach for those good old classics about historical dialecticism and the inevitability of civilizations eventually hitting dead ends.

Ripe to Disintegrate? 

The war in the Ukraine is way bigger than it appears to be. It is heralding or ushering in a new epoch. The West is decaying and falling apart. It only needs a gentle nudge to crush into the bottomless annals of history. Remember when Empires are ripe to fall a single nondescript person like that fanatic reckless Serb, Gavrilo Princip, could trigger the chain reaction. If not a struggling slovenly thoroughly corrupt Nation in a perpetual state of slimy metamorphosis could serve the purpose as the trigger point. In more blunt terms when Empires exhaust all their positive energies they activate the inborn mechanism of self-destruction. You aren’t going to believe this but major wars break out by way of cleansing society from the scums of its decadence. We are witnessing one in the making. Even if the actual war is deferred the World isn’t going to be the same again. After the war in the Ukraine is settled in one way or another the West is certain to begin trekking the long journey to oblivion.          

Empires begin to fall when their life sustaining energy is sapped and could no longer support its existence. The first thing it does is succumb to cannibalistic tendencies and consume its own founding ideals like the right to life, property, freedom and trust in God; when it begins to graduate from genetically reengineering crops to genetically reengineering its own offspring. But it is sure to hit the inevitable dead end before it introduces a vital statistics query entry that reads ‘Created or Manufactured?’ You know why, because as in the old saying eventually nature refuses to sustain and nurture its freaks. 

Chaos becomes the Order of the Day         

A single inadvertent kiss from a wanton soccer chief could totally obliterate the significance of a world cup tournament that had cost billions and required the effort of millions of aspiring athletes and tireless organizers. The famine in Sudan, Somalia, parts of Kenya and Ethiopia all pale next to the bickering induced by that infamous out of place but otherwise warm spirited kiss.  In the part of the world where bone chilling bestiality is increasingly becoming the new sacred domain, God fearing humble Muslim girls are named and shamed for wearing headscarf. 

The self-styled leaders of the Free World are deliberating week in and week out as to how to crush rival civilizations in Eurasia, Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Being in a state of rigor mortis they strike aimlessly at anything that is moving. They steal 500 billion dollars from the coffer of the Sovereign Asset of the Russian Federation and they aren’t even ashamed of their despicable mean deed. Instead they declare ‘yes, we did steal but we are like Robin Hood, we don’t steal for gain but to redistribute for the needy’. This is the level the world financial system has come down to. It can’t get worse than this.  Following suit, nations across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean can proudly default on their respective Sovereign debt service and claim that Europe and North America owe it to their ancestors. 

An old Babushka is slapped a five year prison term by a clown of a country for knowingly or otherwise touching the like virtual button on her social media account. All such acts are perpetrated by a bunch of low lives whose idea of belonging to the West in one big leap is being rude and cheap beyond measure. You would think it is the classic case of East Europeans feeling uncomfortable in their own skins and begging to be accepted into the West at any cost. But they have the audacity to decry Asians as being intellectually inferior to Europeans. Not that they actually believe so but because in their childish naivety they assume that is the Western thing to say or do. 

Old politicians at the twilight hours of their lives declare that the United States stands to benefit from the extended war in the Ukraine because America is spending less than 3% of its defense budget, it isn’t committing boots to the ground and hence without a single American soldier’s life being threatened it is weakening its arch enemy using expendable cheap Souls. 

These aren’t symptoms of a functioning healthy society. 

 Ukraine-the bastion of Western civilization?

Whatever nomenclature it has chosen to adopt over the years, Russia has always been an Empire. To differing extents, Empires always crush small Nations in their effort to mold an all-inclusive Imperial identity. As an Imperial power, being Russian is more belonging to the Russian world outlook and less to being ethnically Russian. Some of the fanatically rabid Russophiles are actually Germans (as in Catherin the Great, Sophia Tolstoya, the Empress Alexandra and Paul Pestel,) Georgians (as in Joseph Stalin and Nodar Dumbadze), Armenians (as in RT Editor in Chief, Margarita Simonovna Simonyan), Chechens (as in Ramzan Khederov), Britons (as in Bernard Pares), Ukrainians (as in Leonid Brezhnev), Ethiopians (as in Fitewerari Teklehawariat Teklemariam). So as an Imperial power Russia loves grandeur. The consequence is the evolving of the distinction between Great Russia (Russia proper) and Little Russia or Malorussia, otherwise known as the Ukraine. Naturally, Ukrainians refuse to be taken for little Russians and it is totally understandable. What intrigues the world is why the West chooses to capitalize on it.        

In this connection, one of the chapters of Russian history that never fail to bring a smile to my face is the Decembrist’s Charter. These fiery radical revolutionaries went against Nicholas I autocracy in all its manifestation but when the question eventually came to the fate of different Nationalities brutally Russified by Catherine the Great, their revolutionary fervor betrayed them. One of the colorful leaders of the group Paul Pestel (himself a Russified second generation German-Russian) rejected the Ukrainian question as an aberration and characterized the language as nothing but a folkish accent of Russian and no more. Honest to God no effort was spared to keep Ukraine little. The Ukraine is running blind folded to escape from this vise like grip, and those cruel Western pranksters are tipping them funny quips like the Ukraine is the bastion of Western civilization and the poor folks swallow the bait like a disoriented fish drunk on bribira. 

If you ask me, the war currently raging in that part of the World is basically a war between those who want to keep the Ukraine Malorussia against forces that badly want to break loose from it. As to the Beast from the East, it has always locked horns with the West. It has gone to war with every single dominant Western power beginning from Sweden, Polish-Lithuanian Confederacy, Prussia, France, Nazi Germany and now on the verge of engaging in one ‘aberration’ called the EU. Whenever a dominant Western power wields enough power and resources the first thing it does is ‘strike at the beast from the East’. Napoleon had tried it as did Hitler. What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that Russia always prevails. An apparently backward Eurasian Mongol beats its enemies against all the odds. But the West never learns from its mistakes, it keeps belittling and undermining Russia  

Take Josep Borrell, himself an adopted son of Europe from the tawny South side.  He repeated that cliché about Russia being a Saudi Arabia with trees, a gas station with nukes etc. But actual facts on the ground tell different stories. Russia is actually feeding a segment of the world population, it is a major supplier of fertilizer to Europe and the rest of the world, it is fast becoming a major industrial hub, it is aggressively diversifying its economy. It is anything but a gas station with a nuke. 

An African Odyssey to the Orient 

The other week I was listening to the interview of the veteran diplomat Tiruneh Zena. He was trying to debunk the false theory that there are no constant friends in diplomacy. ‘Take it from me,’ he was saying to the ESAT journalist running the interview, ‘there are constant friends, and in our case I will give you just this one example-Russia.’

The overwhelming majority of Africans are spiritual. In different forms they tend to do some kind of soul purification rituals by getting rid of a measure of their hard earned property to quell the greedy ‘bad spirit’. The consumerism of the West and its fire power could only symbolize that fire eating insatiable mean spirit. The West wonders why Africans are attracted to Russia knowing that the Country has little to offer in contrast to the deep pocket of the West. The West misses the importance of spiritualism to an African soul. Who knows, maybe Africans feel and relate to the prophetic words of F.M. Dostoyevsky about the Russian Christ and how Russia is going to save the world from Western decadence more than any other race. 

God Bless.     

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  1. Dear Samuel, I love your article and I see myself in the description of and African who would like to associate with Russia instead of the west knowing that I wouldn’t get money from Russia but deeper association in Tewahido (Orthodox) Church.

    • Dear Manny

      This message finds you well and filled with euphoria and ecstasy.
      Mahibreseytan(mahibrekidusan) and EOTC elites transformed the church into a for-profit organization that serves as a haven for murderers, witchdoctors, and other heinous criminals.

      Your bishops and debetras are witches, murderers, robbers, and sexual predators. They struggle with and suffer from narcissism and self-divinization.

      False Tewahedo individuals who support the genocide of Oromos, Gumuz, Tigray, Kimant, Agew, etc.

      Religion in ethiopia becoming a habit and witchcraft.

      ——————The murderous , self-idiolized , narciscist royal regime will not be installed in ethiopia again————————-


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