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Al-Shabaab claims to attack Ethiopian Soldiers in Somalia

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –  (BORKENA) – Al-Shabaab reportedly killed over 165 Ethiopian soldiers in a surprise attack, this past Sunday in the South-Western Province of neighbouring Somalia. 

According to Voice of America, Amharic Service, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and disclosed that it had killed 167 Ethiopian soldiers, destroyed military vehicles and captured many weapons. VoA said the figure stated was not confirmed by a neutral body.

Somali officials said on their part that Al-Shabaab militants launched a daring attack on a convoy of trucks in the South-Western province of Bakol this Sunday morning, VoA indicated

The attack targeted two convoys, one was travelling from Somalia’s Yid Town to Wajid, and the other was bound for Huder Town from Eal Bardo.

An official of Ethiopian Somali Region told VoA on the basis of anonymity that the attack was aimed at soldiers who were escorting military supplies dispatched to Ethiopian soldiers located at military bases in Wajid and Huder Towns, in Somalia.

The Mayor of Huder, Omar Abuldahi Mohammed, told VOA’s Somali section that the soldiers had repelled the attack. “In the exchange of fire, the rebels lost about 50 fighters,” the official said.

Speaking to VOA, Ethiopian ambassador to Somalia, Mukhtar Mohammed, described what Al-Shabaab said on social media as “propaganda”.

“They may try to attack [Ethiopian forces], but they cannot face the Ethiopian defence forces even for ten minutes,” the ambassador said.

Ethiopian Force “is a well-armed professional army that always punishes Al-Shabaab properly. Therefore, this is nothing but anti-Ethiopia and anti-Ethiopian defence propaganda,” said the ambassador refuting what was said. 

Security sources told VoA that the rumour was true; but what Al-Shabaab claimed to accomplish was exaggerated. 

It is to be recalled that BORKENA reported under a title, “Al-Shabaab whetting sword near the border of Ethiopia”, on 11 September 2023 about a possible attack by Al-Shabaab against Ethiopian regiment in Somalia. 


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  1. These savage demons have to deal with the burning ring fire called Ethiopian Somali Region first. Our own Somali brothers and sisters have their number. Now those East African countries including Djibouti and Ethiopia have decided to pull their soldiers out of Somalia by the end of next year. They along the sitting regime of Somalia itself have made a commitment to wipe out this group of savages before they leave. Countries like Kenya and Ethiopia even including Djibouti they have to somehow deal with this shaitan once and for all. The next 14 months will be something to watch.


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