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No Legitimacy left for the Prosperity Party and its leader!


Abiy Ahmed _ Ethiopia
Abiy Ahmed 


By Dr. Taye Minale

The Prosperity Party (PP) of Abiy Ahmed Ali has lost its credibility in most parts of the country. In the Amhara region and Tigray region, the party has no ground at all. In Oromia, even though it was elected there, its legitimacy has been questioned since no other opposition party was participating in the region during the last election. You cannot claim that you are elected and represent the region when no other legitimate party competes—elected against self? What is left? Addis Ababa, Afar, Somalia, Benishangul, Gambela, and others comprise around 10% of the population in the country. In addition, other opposition parties do not challenge PP representation in places like Afar, Somalia, Benishangul, and Gambela. Hence, the main representativeness of PP stems from Addis Ababa only.  To tell the truth, the only existence of the PP-led Government is in there too. Hence, the government’s legitimacy is almost non-existent in most parts of the country.

The participation of true representativeness of the people in the dialog and reconciliation process is vital. The members of the present PP-led government, which is highly influenced by the elites from the former OPDO and some individuals who pledged with them, are all outliers. We can define them as STATE GRABERS! They took advantage of the weakness of the former bosses from TPLF and gambled to take power by confusing and convincing people and parties. These days, these people are exposed in many ways. As initiated by the prime minister, they have abused the country’s military by building a new fancy army headquarters and giving different high-level ranks, including the position of Marshal,  just to manipulate and control this highly vital institution of the country. This was exposed during the war in Tigray and the present war in the Amhara region. Their erroneous decision to send the army to the Amhara region to fight with farmers and civilians has exposed their low-level competency and intelligence to lead a great nation like Ethiopia.  Their decision to fight with Fano is their most serious grave mistake so far.

The  Ethiopian National Dialog Commission (ENDC) is not a legitimate organ either since it is mostly controlled by the illegitimate prime minister and his gangs. The idea of national dialog and reconciliation is vital for the country. But this organization, in its essence and actions, is highly manipulated by the warmonger- Nobel peace winner. ENDC is not independent. It cannot have legitimacy.  The manipulator-in-chief, Abiy Ahmed, is using it like the other institutions in the country: the military, the parliament, INSA, NISS, and so on. He is using all these to kill millions. ENDC cannot be a scapegoat for him and all those STATE GRABERS!

Their only option for them right now is to resign and perish from the political stage unless the people in Addis Ababa want them to stay and represent them since their legitimacy is found only in that city. However, if people in Addis Ababa reject them, then they are not legitimate at all to discuss the fate of the people and the nation. They may claim that they are an elected government. But democracy is not a death sentence for the people. If you cannot lead the country in the right direction, you are expected to leave the office by yourself, as many civilized people do in a democratic nation. Of course, the problem with this leadership is that the prime minister thinks he is a king, and he can do whatever he wants in the country. So not only has he become a dictator, but he also feels anointed as a king. If one believes as a king, thinks as he is elected, and acts like a dictator, this is a serious problem for the country and the people. Everything has become about his power, not the wellbeing of the people and the country.  The institutions and the people have to pay the prize to preserve his power. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians are dying just to preserve the status of these STATE GRABERS! This madness has to stop! Please go away! Leave the position for true representation and disappear from the country’s politics. Enough is enough!

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  1. “Addis Ababa, Afar, Somalia, Benishangul, Gambela, and others comprise around 10% of the population in the country.” According to the writer, the three tribes comprises of 90% of the nation. Hope you don’t teach in any school.

  2. 1). Amaras & Election: Didn’t Amaras elect their deputies in the last election? Didn’t the US/EU/AU monitor that election? Didn’t Abiy’s PP win? Amaras had no clue as to what they did when they elected their deputies? Why hold elections if results aren’t upheld?

    2). Ethiopian Diaspora [ED]: ≈80% of the ED are officials & beneficiaries of the Former Regimes [FR] that made Ethiopia “The World’s Poster Child of Poverty & Famine.”

    3). Ethiopian Diaspora Intellectuals [EDI]: ≥80% of the EDI were awarded scholarships [for service/loyalty/lineage/etc.] by the same FR that tarnished Ethiopia’s image for good.

    4). ED/EDI vs. Ethiopia: Most ED/EDI are Amara Supremacy Advocates notorious for lobbying the White Supremacist West [WSW] to impose Ethiopia-Choking Embargos.

    5). The “All-Inclusive Transitional Government [AITG]” Scam: WSW formed AITG in Nairobi to help TPLF topple Abiy. Now, they added the Amara Putschist Front Quartet [Zemene/Eskinder/Mihret/Mesafint], Derg Official(s), Feudal Monarch(s), etc.

    6). Leave Ethiopia to Ethiopians: ≈75% of the ≈117 million Ethiopians are under age 45. The ED/EDI/WSW’s lip service & crocodile tears Never Right the Wrongs they endured. Ethiopians turning to ED/EDI/WSW for help is like the Police calling the Mafia for help!

    • Fannos are killing and have already killed innocent civilians,brutally murdering captured ENDF members on the grounds of ethnicity. Fannos are killing and have already killed innocent civilians,brutally murdering captured ENDF members on the grounds of ethnicity.

      Amhara Diaspora intellectuals were awarded scholarships [for service, loyalty, lineage, etc.] by the TPLF and Biaden cadres, which tarnished Ethiopia’s image for good.
      Amara Supremacy Advocates are notorious for lobbying the White Supremacist West to impose Ethiopian-Choking Embargos.

      Those Tigrayans and Amhara who are hiding in the west, stealing gofundme collected for the poor Tigrayans and Amhara, and inciting violence are sent abroad by the TPLF due to their loyalty. They were doggishly loyal to the TPLF at home, but now they want to win sympathy from the west by waging war against their own people. Have you heard of what Tigrayans are doing against Tigrayans themselves? These people are scumbags.

      —————————-Free Archbishops of Oromiyaa Synod——————


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