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27 districts in Lasta under Fano forces : report


As the Ethiopian government continues to paint an image that the Fano forces were weakened to a point that they will no longer pose a “security threat,” emerging reports seem to indicate that the latter do still have control over many areas in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

In Last, North Wollo, alone, they are in control of as many as  27 districts- according to Ethio Voice report. It means that the ruling Prosperity Party administrative structures are no longer functional. 

Several other media outlets, including in the country, are also reporting that Fano forces made military gains in Gondar in the Mekane Eyesus area. 

Resistance in Shoa where Ethiopian Defense Force carried out extensive extrajudicial killings continues to challenge Ethiopian Defense Forces. 

In his Ethiopian New Year message, Abiy Ahmed vowed “we will win.”  On the other hand, observers of Ethiopian politics and activists seem to fear that the conflict could escalate to a full-fledged civil war and spread to other parts of Ethiopia unless the Ethiopian government resorts to a peaceful way of resolving the conflict. 

Watch news video below

Video : embedded from Ethio Voice Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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