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Ethiopian economists express concern that civil war, instability in regions cripple national economy in the New Year

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  Financial and economic experts expressed concern that the ever intensifying war and the ongoing instability in Amara and Oromia Regions along with the high cost of living, may put the national economy in doldrums during the just ushered in Ethiopian New Year, sources said.

Voice of America, Amharic Service pointed out quoting scholars in the economic sector that the peace agreement signed last year in Pretoria was a good opportunity to the war-affected Ethiopian economy.

The scholars said that the deteriorating peace disruption had created pressure on the general production process followed by several economic hazards including inflation. This lack of peace is expected to become a threat to the economy in the Ethiopian New Year, according to the economic professionals.

BORKENA reported days back that apart from the frequently cited reasons for  inflation rise in the last 2015 Ethiopian Fiscal Year, the policy measures taken by the government have also played roles in worsening the inflation. The economists indicated that the price hike in fuel, including other government policy decisions, contributed to the inflation rise. They urged that problems, such as security and stability, should be addressed so that this inflation won’t be carried over into this new  Ethiopian budget year.


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