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Inevitable that Ethiopian gov’t losses the war in Amhara, says Ledetu Ayalew

Lidetu Ayalew _ Amhara politics _ Ethiopia
Lidetu Ayalew during an interview with Reyot media. (Photo : screenshot from the video)


Evidently, Lidetu Aylew has lost the political capital (perhaps the social too) he used to have among Ethiopians due to numerous controversial remarks he made in the past and due to an alleged association with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as an agent in the Ethiopian opposition quarter.

The struggle is being led by activists and that will not yield results is the view that he is struggling. We are not moving along a political path with clarity and with strong political organization.

He has been denying that he ever worked as a spy for the TPLF. Overall, he was implicated in the failure of KINJIT ( a popular opposition coalition that rattled the government through election) – something he denies.

Recently, he is making appearances in Ethiopian cyber media outlets based in the Diaspora. Last month, he appeared on Anchor Media with Mesay Kebede and remarked on the situation in the country.

Yesterday, he appeared on Reyot media and commented in connection with the struggle in the Amhara region of Ethiopia ( between Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force.)

Among the key points he made is that the Fano movement has broad-based support in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and that it is an embodiment of Amhara People’s struggle.  Unless the government resorts to a peaceful struggle as early as possible before unnecessary economic and human cost, he says, it is inevitable that it loses the war in the long term. He is warning that the government should not be cajoled by military gains here and there ; it will not happen in the long run.

However, he also sees gaps on the part of FANO struggle. He indicated that the way the propaganda response is handled could be costly.

He also sees a leadership gap. There is no strong and a single recognized leadership, he added.

Stating that he does not have any interest in leading an armed struggle, Ledetu pointed out that the struggle in the Amhara region needs leadership. He argued that the view that people in the Amhara region are leaders of the struggle. He said there is no substitute to the important role of leadership in the struggle.

He sees the risk of the struggle being hijacked or it will be relegated to a point where it can facilitate the disintegration of Ethiopia which, he says, is what the current region in Ethiopia is undertaking. He recently released a writing entitled “Moresh” the intention of it, he said, to contribute ideas to the struggle. 

Watch his interview below :



Video : embedded from Reyot Media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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