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“Final filling of GERD” – what does it really mean?


Ethiopia, this week, has completed GERD’s fourth filling.  Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed described, in his social media updates, this stage of the GERD filling as a final one. The office of the Prime Minister and state-owned media outlets echoed the Prime Minister’s view and the matter has triggered noticeable skepticism.

It appears that the context for it is a recent report of United Arab Emirates involvement in GERD negotiation – a development that made many to tend to think that the notion of “African solution to African problem” and African Union’s role in the mediation is ditched. Of course, another context to it is that the Prime Minister has entirely lost credibility among a considerable number of Ethiopians and he is no longer taken for his words.

The PM did not try to correct it and perhaps he meant to throw another agenda for Ethiopians.

What does it mean that the fourth and final filling of the dam is completed?

Tirusew Assefa, water engineer by profession, had an interview with Ethiopian Media Services and he has given explanations about it. 

It is possible that some of his remarks may sound totally new in light of the narratives projected so far about the dam and its capacity.

What Dr. Tirusew says that the Dam reservoir has now retained 42 billion cubic meters of water and it is going to have 49 billion cubic meters of water when fully completed.  He gave the impression that much of the work has been completed. Narratives so far mainly projected that the dam will hold 74 billion cubic meters of water when completed. Dr. Tirusew has an explanation for that.

Dam height, he said, reached 620 meters and will be 645 meters when fully completed.  The civil engineering aspect of the project is 98 percent completed while overall project completion is now 93 percent, according to Dr. Tirusew – and his numbers do match with those that have been announced from state media outlets as part of the new year celebration event that was organized from the project site.

How sensible is the story to you? Consider sharing your views after watching his interview.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Media Services youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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