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Decoding Nobel Laureate Abiy Ahmed’s War on 45 million Ethnic Amharas

By Aklog Birara

I am certain that you yearn to learn about the background as well as the major political actors behind 50 years of atrocities against Amhara that led to the rise of the popular Amhara Fano movement.

In a rare documentary —“Decoding Nobel Laurate Abiy Ahmed’s War on Ethnic Amhara” in English prepared by experts, the narrative explains in the clearest terms the depth and breadth of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Oromo Liberation Army cum Oromo Prosperity Party state and government led cruelty, barbarism, ethnic cleansing, genocide and massive displaement as welll as deliberate impoverishment of Amhara described in the documentary. It is a timely and welcome contribution.  

I commend the experts who took the initiative. The international community benefits from this and evidence based release. I urge you to share it with policy and decision makers, members of Congress,  multilateral donor agencies, think tanks, NGOS and academics  across the globe.  

For those with lingering doubts concerning Abiy Ahmed, and his tantalizing but empty promise to reform Ethiopia’s ethnic politics,  the documentary confirms what some of us have been saying for months now. He is heartless, Machiveliian, delusional, reckless, clueless with no empathy for human beings and humanity. 

Remember, no one has been held accountable for the deaths of more than one million Afar, Amhara and Tigreans. Families and friends of the victims will not forget or forgive the culprits, including TPLF leaders. . 

Abiy never even once showed empathy for Amhara Christians and Mulims slaughtered by the OLA in Oromia. His comparison of atrocities against Amhara with those killed in American cities is callous and ignorant. It is comparing apples and oranges. 

Abiy initiated another war, this time against Amhara, months after the end of a devastating war from which Ethiopia has yet to heal.There is not an elected leader I could find anywhere on this earth with such a disastrous track record. 

Making Ethiopia’s trajectory much worse, Abiy’s supporters are now calling for an Orrom-Tigray front against Amhara. Who in the world does this and gets away with it?  Would this ethnic alliance based on hatred of Amhara save Ethiopia from implosion? You judge. 

I conclude my brief note with a commentary I posted several months ago. Abiy is a liability and not an asset. He does not represent a bright future for Ethiopians, including Oromo. 

Video : embedded from Ethio Chronicles youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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