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Over 1,000 Orthodox Christian evacuees have not yet been returned to their residential areas

Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers celebrating holiday (Photo : from the web/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – More than 1,000 evacuees who were displaced from Qibet Town of Siltie Woreda of Central Ethiopia Region, due to a religious motivated conflict have not yet been returned to their place, sources said.

Voice of America (VoA), Amharic service said yesterday that the stated number of Orthodox Christians was displaced from their areas last Monday  following the conflict that caused human and property losses of the Orthodox laity. The civilian victims had to flee their areas to Buta-Jirra Town of Gurage Zone, VoA said.

VoA correspondent in Ethiopia, Yonatan Zebdios quoted the victim evacuees as saying that there are still Orthodox laity that have been fleeing their residential areas for fear of similar attacks. They reportedly appealed to the government to ensure rule of law and bring about a lasting solution to the atrocities and abuses that are being perpetrated against them under various pretexts.

“Our attempts to include responses and comments of officials from the Council of Islamic Affairs and the Siltie Woreda and the Zonal Administration were not successful as they did not answer the phone calls,” VoA indicated.

The Manager of the Diocese of Siltie and Hadia of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Malake-Hiwot Nigussie said that the conflict erupted following the negligence of the government that was asked to solve the problem months back. However, efforts are being made to resolve the problem through the traditional judicial system of Siltie, according to the Manager.

It is to be recalled that some four days ago over thirteen houses and business centres owned by Orthodox Christians were gutted down by fire set deliberately in Hadiya and Siltie Diocese, Qibet Town, Siltie Zone of South Region. 


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  1. Subject: “Over 1,000 Orthodox Christian evacuees have not yet been returned to their residential areas”, By Staff Reporter,
    September 9, 2023

    Humble Commentary, 11 Sept 2023
    a). Here we go again with the deadly disease of RELIGION
    b). RELIGION , that is so loved by underdeveloped countries i.e. infinitely much more than the developed countries.
    c). There is no medicine for it
    d). WE, the HONEST under developed countries are stuck with hypnotism on RELIGION .
    e). It is a belief that the mighty God Up in Heaven will welcome us to our salvation.
    f). We are taught that only patience and belief on the mighty God will bring us to our salvation.
    g). We don’t know from what we are supposed to be salvaged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “g” . in this case, is short “gone with the wind i.e. “total failure” in our dear ETERNAL > BLACK COLOURED > HONEST BELIEVER >> CONTINENT. THE END.

  2. ክርስቲያኖች ናቸው ሌሎቹ ናቸው ማለቱን ትታቹ እልቂት ማስፋፋቱን አቁሙት፥፥ፍራቻ አይደለም ብሎ ሕዝበክርስቲያኑን ለፀብ ማነሳሳት ወንጀል ነው፥፥ሁሉም ሃይማኖቶች መተት ጥንቆላን ማውገዝ አለባቸው፥፥እኛ ጋር የለም የሃይማኖታችን እሴት አይደለም እያሉ ማለባባስ ማጭበርበር ይቅር፥፥ቅዱሳት መፃህፍት ባያዙትም በዘልማድ በአፈታሪክ የተደገፈ ብዙዎች የሚተገብሩት ሃይማኖት ጎሳ መንደር ጎጥ ሳይለይ ይህ ሰይጣናዊ ድርጊት የብዙዎችን ትዳር አፍርሷል ጤንነት በክሏል በቃላት የማይገለፅ ግፍ ተፈፅሟል፥፥እንዲያውም አንዳንዶች የሞስሊሞች መተት ሃይለኛ ነው በምንም አይፈታም ወዘተ እያሉ ክርስቲያኖቹ ሳይቀር በወገናቸው ላይ የሞስሊም መተት እያስተበተቡ የሰው ህይወት ሲያበላሹ ኑረዋል፥፥ስለሆነም ሃይማኖት ሳይሆን የሰው ልጅ እከይ ሰይጣናዊነት ስለሆነ በክርስቲያን በሞስሊም ማመካኘት ይብቃ፥፥ተጨባጭ ምክንያት ካለ ወንጀለኛ በህግ በሥርዓቱ መቀጣት አለበት፥፥በጅምላ ሞስሊም ሆነ ክርስቲያን መሰቃየት መሠደድ መገደል የለበትም፥፥ፍራቻ አይደለም እያሉ ለብጥብጥ በከንቱ ደም እንዲፈስ ከመጋበዝ መንግሥት ጣልቃ ገብቶ ፍርድ እንዲሰጥ የዜጎችን ደህንነት እንዲታደግ ቤተክርስቲያን ጥሪዋን ለሚመለከተዉ ያለመታከት ልታቀርብ ይገባታል፤፤ የእስልምና እምነት ተከታዮችም ሆነ መሪዎች ጉዳዩ በሰላማዊ መንገድ እንዲፈታ በሕግ እንዲዳኝ መሥራት አለባቸው፥

    Abune Abraham, as usual, is not speaking peace but subtly preaching violence. All Ethiopians, regardless of religion and ethnicity, should live in harmony and enjoy peace.

    Numerous witnesses have observed members of the Muslim community aiding and abetting the production of irreversible black magic against innocent Ethiopians, including Orthodox Christians. This unsolvable and entangling sorcery has caused irreparable harm to the lives of numerous people, not only within the Muslim community but also among the Christian community. Therefore, it is illogical to target individuals solely based on their religion or any other form of affiliation.
    The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia and leaders of the Muslim community should play a crucial role in pacifying Ethiopians involved in such horrendous acts and bringing about a peaceful resolution.


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