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A short Comment on “The Passive Aggressive Amhara Politics …”

A short Comment on “The Passive Aggressive Amhara Politics Explains Why Amhara Lacks A National Agenda (Yonas Biru)  September 7, 2023”

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By Emedo Farda

The article by Yonas Biru (PhD) discusses the perceived shortcomings of the Amhara community in Ethiopia in terms of producing opinion leaders and developing a clear national agenda. 

The author states the Amhara community lacks prominent opinion leaders who can articulate a national agenda for Ethiopia. It is important to have opinion leaders but it’s not entirely clear what specific actions or strategies should be taken to develop such leaders. The article doesn’t provide concrete steps or recommendations for addressing this issue.

 The author suggests that the Amhara community is primarily driven by a unitarist agenda, and this approach faces challenges in Ethiopia’s current political landscape. The article criticizes the Amhara community for not providing an alternative agenda, strategy, and roadmap, but it doesn’t offer specific suggestions for how they could do so effectively. Developing a cohesive and inclusive national agenda is a complex task that requires more detailed guidance.

The author points out that the Amhara community lacks an organized political party advocating for a unitarist agenda, relying instead on a network of activists. While the article criticizes this approach as “off-grid” and “high-bandwidth,” it doesn’t propose a viable strategy for creating a more organized and effective political entity. Developing a political party requires careful planning and resources, which the article doesn’t address.

The author  criticizes the Amhara network for using grievance politics as a key strategy, suggesting that it has undermined the Amhara community’s traditional diplomatic flexibility.  It is important to critique political strategies, but again , the article does not offer alternative strategies that the Amhara community could adopt to achieve its goals. Constructive suggestions for how to balance grievances with diplomacy would have been helpful.

The article emphasizes that there is currently no clear agenda for Ethiopia and urges leaders to have “morals, integrity, and to lead or follow.”  The call for ethical leadership is valid, however, the article does not provide specific recommendations for formulating a clear national agenda for Ethiopia. Creating such an agenda is a complex process that requires a detailed and inclusive planning effort.

The author highlights several challenges faced by the Amhara community in Ethiopia and criticizes certain aspects of their current strategies but it falls short in offering concrete and actionable solutions to address these challenges, which would be necessary for meaningful change and progress.

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