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Balanced History and politics  (by Eddie Mekasha) 

Eddie Mekasha 

Books are resources for our modern socioeconomic and political events for good or for bad. Because of great books of reformation and renaissance , the current generation is benefited. The current Ethiopian political status is also a result of the former debates based on books.

Our community sponsored some books  in Amharic and we especially presented a book of Ethiopian history and politics with references from the different Ethiopian political elites  by Eddie Habte Mekasha published at Central printing press Addis Ababa in January 2020.

On the other hand there is a book  Evangelical faith movement in Ethiopia published by the Ethiopian Evangelical church Mekane-Yesus   edited by Fekadu Gurmessa with the advice of professor Tessema Teaa  published at Bole printing press Addis Ababa  in 1998  and translated to English by  Professor Hizklel Gabissa  distributed also by Amazon(2009)

The contents of the two books varies in many major instances,

1. Balanced History and politics  by Eddie Mekasha  used various references from each opposite sides  like TekleTsadik Mekuria and Yilma Deressa on one side and Professor Assfe Jaleta from the other side and the content of the book  focus on reconciliation stating the very good common historical facts of Ethiopia  as well as deficiencies for corrections

2.The Evangelical Faith Movement in Ethiopia on the other hand published by the Evangelical church MekaneYesus edited by Fekady Gurmessa states the contribution of missionaries and local people for evangelical church formation. The book also emphasized that the Amhara dominated Ethiopian Orthodox church  is considered as an oppression tool for the majority Ethiopian ethnic groups  by the former Ethiopian imperial governments.


In such time of transition and cultural diversity predominance in Ethiopia, such books should entertain  the very dominant positive values from each ethnic groups and the consecutive regimes and suggest forums of reconciliation and reformation that history  must be for the sake of history without intervention of church ,government and politicians  as advocated  by the late Ethiopian history writer Professor Aleme Eshete.

In relation to this sensitive and inclusive issue ,our community suggested to the  University of Tennessee that  sponsors   most of the articles of Professor Assefa Jaleta  to include and post the other Ethiopian scholars opinion to give equal opportunity to the public  to have a balanced outlook on Ethiopian history and political perspectives.

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