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Failing to stop civil war in Ethiopia fuels Balkanization of the second-most populous country in Africa

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Abiy Ahmed at Awash Arba Military training in January 2023 (

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – An article published by CounterPunch seems to attract the attention of Ethiopians who are concerned over the current issues in the country. The piece published on 08 September 2023 under the title, “Another War Breaks Out in Northern Ethiopia, as the Threat of Disintegration Looms,” states that the deliberately orchestrated war against Amhara is dragging the country into chaos.

The writer, Tikur Netsanet stated in his piece that the federal government is at war with Amhara militants, commonly known as Fanos who have been protecting civilians from attacks unleashed from all directions. The civilian Amharas have been attacked from the North in Maikadra by Tigray People’s Liberation Front, from the west by Benishangul militants and the neighboring Sudan, from south and east by Oromo Liberation Army. Now the attacks and the systematic ethnic cleansing have reached an intolerable point.

The writer of that article is of the opinion that the deliberate ignorance of the situation by the international community has fueled the escalation of the systematic massacres. Amhara, the dominant ethnic group in Ethiopia has thus clearly been exposed to open atrocities, forced displacements, ethnic profiling, mass arrest…according to the piece. No place has been given to “all affected interest groups including Afar and Amhara” during the recently conducted peace dialogue in South Africa…   

“The Amhara have been targeted in massacres over decades without any systematic response to defend civilians. The massacre in MaiKadra, in November 2020, where around 600 ethnic Amhara were killed overnight, was just one horrific instance. During the Tigray war, there was also an escalation in targeted killings and massacres of ethnic minorities in the region of Oromia. This persists, with two massacres having taken place in 2022 in the Wollega zone of the state alone. Tensions resulting from these incidents, and the federal government’s declared intent to demobilize militia and Regional Special Forces under the National Defense Forces, have escalated fears of exposure to further attacks.”

The evasive response from the federal government to the “do not kill us” demand of this big nation, Amhara, has really deteriorated the situation. “…The situation has become worse as a result of popular protests, and the assassination of a senior Prosperity Party (PP) official and his entourage. But the disproportionate response by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s PP, which carried out drone attacks in August 2023 that led to a high death toll in civilian areas, has been atrocious….”

Despite all these sabotages and ill-mannered approach to Amhara’s call for peace, and respect of human rights, many including some former senior officials of the ruling Prosperity Party urged the incumbent that the madness should stop. Gedu Andargachew is a good case in point here. He admonished at the recent gathering of the parliament that, “…the government must stop the dehumanization and persecution of Amhara across the country…”. Gedu, former President of Amhara Region said that the government should refrain itself from doing actions that aggravate the situation. “… [T]he government must not mobilize other regional governments to attack the Amhara region. Failure to do so risks state collapse in Ethiopia…,” Gedu said.

The writer of the article recommends that if the government needs peace across the country, if it really wants peaceful co-existence among the entire population, it must lift the declaration of the state of emergency, release all political prisoners and sit around the table for peaceful resolution of the conflicts. But failure to implement these “may mean the Balkanization of the second-most populous country in Africa”.


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    This website committed genocide and is still committing the same crimes against humanity by supporting all genociders against Tigray, Oromiyaa, and Kimant.
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