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President says structure of Interim Administration of Tigray Region faces challenges

Ethiopian News - Getachew Reda _ Tigray

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – President of the Interim Administration of Tigray, Getachew Reda said that there is a body that prevents in an organised manner the Interim Administration from extending its structure to all Zones and Woredas. 

Getachew said at a press briefing he gave to media outlets in the Region that there are Words that have not yet been part of the Interim Administration. As these Weredas are not willing to use the new seal, they have been obstructing the structure process of the Interim Administration, Voice of America, the Amharic service quoted Getachew as saying. 

The president urged that until the elected government takes over the administration, it is appropriate to finalize the works of the Interim Administration. Getachew did not mention by name what he called the bodies that are obstructing the process in an organized manner by allocating budget. But he indicated that the issue would be reviewed through the party appraisal gathering. He also raised concerns about individuals who labelled the new Interim Administrative System as an anti-TPLF move. This said system separates the party and the government, according to Getachew.

The president mentioned in his statement about the clandestine jails existing in the region. The Interim Administration does not know about these secretive prisons, in which Eritreans in particular, including the wealthy natives of the region are being held hostage and asked for ransom money, according to the president. Getachew said that the security situation is not reliable even for the officials who move around with escort persons.

Getachew said that opposition parties have the right to hold a peaceful demonstration; but the administration is talking with the leaders over the issue of changing the place and time as they discovered the presence of forces that have assembled explosives at high level with the intention of plunging the region into chaos. Although the source of all problems is political, efforts will be made to solve the security problem by readmitting the security forces that were laid off and by coordinating the people, he said.

The delay of returning displaced persons as per the Pretoria Peace Agreement, the issue of the suspects who were prosecuted for the stolen aid grain, and activities carried out by the federal government to avoid re-entering into war with the neighbouring region, are among the points Getachew has touched on in his press briefing, according to VoA.


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  1. The President of the Interim Administration of Tigray must resign, and his gang members should stop unlawfully detaining residents. However, criminals who kill, kidnap,and  rob Tigrayans should be locked up and face the consequences of their actions.

    TPLF and its goon members & fans in the diaspora , here in the USA, must stop ordering torture and arrests of opposition party members.


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