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Response to “Ethiopia : Shattered Glass – “Kristallnacht” (By Dawit W Giorgis)”

Amhara Genocide _ Jews
Tens of thousands of Ethnic Amharas have been massacred in the Oromia region of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed took power in 2018 and millions displaced. (Photo : SM)

By Emedo Farda

While there are some superficial similarities between the historical context of Jews in Nazi Germany and the situation of Amharas in Ethiopia today, it is important to consider the significant differences and avoid drawing direct parallels. Both situations involve the symbolism of broken glass, but it’s crucial to note that symbolism can vary greatly in meaning and significance depending on the context. The broken glass during Kristallnacht was a manifestation of violent anti-Semitic hatred that resulted in mass destruction and loss of life. .While both situations involve violence, the scale and intent differ significantly. Nazi Germany pursued the systematic extermination of Jews, leading to the Holocaust, one of the most heinous acts in history. In contrast, the situation in Ethiopia, while concerning, has not reached the same genocidal level. Kristallnacht marked a turning point that led to the Holocaust and the mass migration of Jews to escape persecution. The situation in Ethiopia, while worrisome, has not yet reached such a catastrophic turning point. There may be some ideological similarities between elements of Nazi ideology and certain Ethiopian factions, but drawing direct parallels oversimplifies the complexities of both situations. It is essential to examine each ideology in its unique historical and cultural context. Both situations involve resistance movements, the motivations, methods, and goals of these movements vary significantly. The aspiration for a just political system is a universal one, but the specific challenges and objectives faced by different oppressed communities can differ greatly. It is essential to understand the unique political context in Ethiopia before making direct comparisons.

While Fano may serve as a symbol of resistance, equating it to the fight against fascism in Nazi Germany oversimplifies the historical and ideological differences between these movements. The situation in Ethiopia has the potential for regional and global implications, comparing it directly to Nazi Germany overlooks the unique geopolitical factors at play in each situation. While there may be a call for international awareness and action in both cases, the specific actions and interventions required can vary significantly due to differences in context and scale. Comparing Abiy Ahmed’s leadership to that of leaders in Nazi Germany oversimplifies the complex political dynamics and historical circumstances that shape the actions of leaders.

It is essential to highlight human rights abuses and promote international awareness and action in response to the situation of Amharas in Ethiopia, making direct comparisons to the Holocaust and Nazi Germany can be misleading and fail to capture the unique aspects of each historical and contemporary context. It’s crucial to approach each situation with understanding of its complexities and avoid oversimplification.

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  1. Yes, there are differences, but the ideology of oromumma has all the potential to make the remaining fabrics real and horrible (recall for example the asertion by a diaspora oromo elite that the oro-pp can reduce Amhara from 30 millio to a matter of 20 000… now would you believe this as achievable or just ignore it? but it is there in the minds of some hateful oro goons!!!!

    • Oromo elite this Amhara Tigre elite that should be taken as largely invective, hate speech, and stupidity– yours included. I could list what ethnic elites have been saying in the past three decades and it would fill up several shelves, mostly garbage. Stop exaggerating and put a halt to addiction to self-righteousness.

  2. Amhara’s problem is you believe your own lies. Only a year ago, you were supporer and active player in the genoicide in Tigray and now you think you can fool the international community with this “Nazi Oromumma” crap. Fool you!

  3. Derg CC member Dawit is waging a disinformation campaign. He thinks he alone is smart and the rest idiots. He rushed home following ouster of Tplf in 2018. His proposal? A transitional gov with himself as a central figure. He wrote and lectured in so many words that Oromo-Amhara collaboration would be a post-Tplf ideal. He heaped praises on Abiy in the hope that Abiy would award him with important appointment. Not finding what he had dreamed of he returned to America henceforth openly maligning Abiy as Oromoo, and presently as Nazi (with himself as Jew).

    Here is what needs to happen. 1/ Dawit should be brought before a court of law concerning money he allegedly kept when he sought asylum in America 40 years ago (over $300K). He was then head of Relief & Rehab Commission. The money was collected in the name of famine-stricken population. 2/ Dawit should come clean about allegation that he was working with and for the CIA. Ethiopians have a special hatred and contempt for collaborators. 3/ Dawit is now the public face of a destructive conflict, raising funds and shipping cross- border armament. He should also be held responsible for deaths of dis-informed youth in the Amhara region.


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