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Berhanu Nega’s full “lecture” on “what is politics?”


Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice party (EZEMA) on Thursday released part one of Dr. Berhanu Nega’s lecture on “What is politics,” to a group of party members.

Dr. Berhanu’s remark on the demolition of houses in Shaggar city – Oromia region of Ethiopia – a process that left hundreds of thousands of citizens homeless. He reportedly said that his party would have done the same thing.

It is featured below (Amharic)

Video : embedded from EZEMA youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Is this man supposed to be a leader of a political party? Was he talking to English speaking audience or Amharic speaking ones? What does he mean by ኮንሴብት መስጠት? He frequently ends his phrases and sentences with እንትን. What was he holding back when he used the Amharic word እንትን? እንትን here and እንትን there? Was he telling us that from living abroad for so long that he has forgotten how to speak in Amharic? Or was it his way of telling the audience and the rest of us that he is so much more educated than everyone else? እንትን is supposed to be used when an intended term eludes the speaker but the speaker recovers fast and finds the right word immediately after እንትን is used? It is a filler word that is supposed to be followed by the intended word. You just can’t use it on a whim and move on. Otherwise, you will lead the audience in various untended directions. Many of them will leave the room not sure what to make of your presentation.
    ‘ኮንሴፕት መስጠት’ ‘ኮንሴፕቱ’ ‘ዐለማዊ ኮንሴፕት መስጠት’ ‘እንትን ያደርገናል’ ‘እንትን እንዳይመስልብኝ’. እንትን, እንትን, እንትን. My goodness!!! O God! Please save the audience!!! By the way, this is not rare. I have attended and watched several presentations/lectures by many elites in our communities and many of them act as if they have forgotten their mother tongues that they grew up speaking well into their adulthood. They think they have become ‘fernjis’ ፈረንጅ. ፈረንጅ ሆነናል ማለት ነው!


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