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Over 69 people reportedly infected with cholera in Gondar Town

Gondar Cholera Outbreak
Gondar City ( Photo : pubic domain)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Health Department of Gondar Town has disclosed here that over 69 people have been infected with the recently out broken cholera epidemic in the Town. 

Addis Maleda reported here yesterday quoting Head of Gonder Town Health Department, Belete Fentie as saying that the outbreak spread through people who came back to the Town after their travel for sprinkling with holly water at a Monastery named Bermiel Giorghis in Quara Wereda of West Gonder Zone.

The news source indicated that more than 69 people were infected with the cholera. Addis Maleda reported that the cholera symptoms started to appear across the town as of mid July 2023. This is believed to occur when the family of a deceased woman brought the body to Gondar Town, according to the Health Department Head, Belete Fentie.

Health Department head of Gonder Town further said that of the people who have been diagnosed to be infected with the sickness, there are many who are recovering. There are also others who have still been contaminated with the epidemic, according to Belete Fentie.

“Preventive measures have been taken through teams of experts organized for the purpose. This is believed to contain the spread,” the Health Department Head, Belete Fentie said. Two have died out of the 1,500 people who were infected with cholera in Quara Wereda months back, according to Belete. 


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