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Afar : Most Dangerous ways to school


This documentary about dangerous ways to school in Afar was published on Youtube about seven years ago.

In the video, we see children – boys and girls – walking up to two hours to school in a burning sun in the Danakil region of Ethiopia – the lowest point on earth. Although the kids are used to the harsh conditions, they say it could at times be unbearable due to sand storms and extreme sun. It is heart-wrenching to see kids walking for hours and hours ( five days a week) to get to school.

Apparently, much has not changed. Watch the video below.

Video : embedded from Free Documentary youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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  1. Excellent documents, it so sad to see these people are facing so much hardship, almost a life and death situations, just to go to school. The corrupt and fascist regime in Addis is looting the public in daylight. What a shame! I wish they could provide this kids just a white hat shirt, a shoes a water bottle and a bread box would have helped these kid to survive the dally danger and thrive. Thank you

  2. What a moving documentary. We should all stand up and applaud the father of that young girl for his unwavering commitment to send his daughter to school. Now, this documentary begs the question to all of us here among our Diaspora.
    What we gonna do on our part to help such dedicated parents and resolute children? We should use every means possible to help them materially and financially with the last red cent in our pocket.


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