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Ethiopia : Shattered Glass – “Kristallnacht” (By Dawit W Giorgis)

Ethiopia Shattered Glass
Dawit W Giorgis 

 By Dawit W Giorgis 

Glass breaking has several spiritual mythological meanings. It has mostly to do with change.  “While change can be painful, the end of one cycle is the beginning of something new….. Whatever the case may be, broken glass means that the old era you’ve been holding onto is  officially over.”1 

Kristallnacht or the “Night of Broken Glass,” is a reference to the night of November 9–10, 1938  when Hitler coordinated a wave of antisemitic violence in Nazi Germany. It was state-sponsored  terrorism and genocide. It was coordinated by Adolf Hitler as is the terror unleashed on the  Amhara people in Ethiopia by his clone: Abiy Ahmed. Like in Nazi Germany what is happening in  Ethiopia is a systematic and appalling atrocity against citizens of a particular ethnic group  known as Amharas, on a scale unparalleled since the second world war and the Rwanda  genocide, with a very eerie resemblance with Nazi Germany.  

‘Shattered glass’ was a nationwide crackdown on Jews and a reference to the shattered glass  from homes and shops during the mass killings, detentions and atrocities. Kristallnacht was an  important turning point for Germany’s Jews. Afterwards, many Jews concluded that there was  no future for them in Nazi Germany. “The violence of Kristallnacht was a dramatic escalation of  Nazi anti-Jewish policy, which deprived Jews of their citizenship, their property and businesses  and their rights to participate in German economic and cultural life”2 

Amharas have become the Jews of 1948. Amharas as a distinct ethnic group and their churches  and mosques have been officially targeted for extermination by “Oromummaa”( the ideology  of the party headed by PM Abiy Ahmed). Amharas have been uprooted from their ancestral  lands where they had built a nation of biblical history and who peacefully coexisted with over  80 ethnic groups in the land known as Ethiopia: the cradle of mankind. Amharas are today  being persecuted, displaced from their ancestral lands and stigmatized with ethnic slurs and not  allowed to live as equal citizens in the country which is justly theirs too. Amhara Christians with  biblical names, the institution of the Coptic church and the judo Christian values are under  attack officially. The Coptic church followers and Amhara Muslims have been literally  slaughtered, tortured and forced to flee from the villages farms and town where they have  lived for time immemorial as thoroughly documented by activists, journalists and ordinary  people. 

“The echoes of Nazi ideology are all too evident to ignore. ..…..There is a remarkable  resemblance between “Oromummaa” and Fascism/Hitlerism. Although fascist pardes and  movements differed significantly from one another, they had many characterisdcs in common,  including extreme militarisdc nadonalism, contempt for electoral democracy and polidcal and  cultural liberalism, a belief in natural social hierarchy and the rule of elites, and the desire to  create a Volksgemeinscha8: (German people’s community)”3 

A young girl aged around 11 who is captured on video pleading to the killers; “Wellahi* I will  never be an Amhara!!.” The video shows the killers brutally killing her despite her plea.  

This year Amharas have said enough is enough and the Amhara resistance for survival has  begun in earnest through the traditional Amhara resistance movement: known as Fano. 4 

The Glass has been Shattered. A new era is on the horizon. Amharas have pledged that they  will never put down their arms until a free and fair pollical system is established in Ethiopia.  Fano is the symbol of struggle against modern day fascism and should have world wide support.  It is an African movement that stands against invasion and home-grown totalitarian leaders  with evil agenda. 

Ethiopia with a population of 120 million people, in a region known as the most complex  security zone in the world, can ignite a regional crisis that could be a prelude to a third world  war just like the persecution of the Jews was in Germany. Let the world be aware and stop the  madness unleashed by one man: Abiy Ahmed. 


*In the name of Allah 

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  1. Thank you for your efforts to be the voice for the voiceless Amhara people. Your essay was short but to the point. The only suggestion I have is a few typos, please edit before posting.

  2. Mr. Dawit W Giorgis is a respected scholar who has a deep knowledge about the current crise in Ethiopia. The degree of Amhara’s atrocity in Ethiopia, especially in the Oromiya region by Abiy Ahamed’s forces was unnoticed for long by the international community due to miscommunication and wrong perception on Amhara.
    Thank you, Mr. Dawit, again for your extraordinary effort to expose Abiy Ahmedi’s real personality to the world and I hope one day the world will know what exactly going on in Ethiopia before too late as other tragedies happen in the past!

  3. To equate Amharas with Jews is not only absurd but also making a mockery of the holocaust. Not a good idea. Why would the author want to do that? Because repeated lies and exaggerations hide a deeper fact. What are these facts? The author was a central commitee member of the notorious Derg who opened a gruesome chapter in our nation’s history by massacring thousands upon thousands without trial. He then fled the country to seek asylum in America. Ethiopian gov claimed he runaway with a bundle of money collected in the name of the hungry (over $300K). His attempt now is to falsely tie Amhara (a mix of several Afro-Asiatic groups) to Jews and incite a war from his hideout in New York. Good thing is that much of it is noise. He is a dejected 82-year old trying to cover up his tracks and redo his shameful past. Nice try.

    • Subject: “Ethiopia : Shattered Glass – “Kristallnacht” (By Dawit W Giorgis)” September 5, 2023

      a) Alem said it all in about two hundred essential words. Thank You, Alem
      b) How could one ” equate the treatment Amhara with the Jews” ?
      c) And how do Ethiopians compare the “gruesome chapter of the Derg” on the entire people of Ethiopia?
      d) The Writer — full member of that era — knows very well the history of the Derg, chapter and verse
      e) May his CONSCIOUSNESS be the ULTIMATE JUDGE on the behavior of HIS OWN past organization against the
      entire people of Ethiopia.
      f) What was the crime of the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE???
      g) Why, Why, Why was it necessary to bring down Ethiopia in that horrible, cruel and savagery manner? WHY? WHY?
      ——- THE END———

    • Are not the Amhara being killed for being who they are? Are not Amhara restricted from coming into the capital city, Addis Ababa? Are you denying that thousands of Amhara people are in various concentration centers right now? Have they not lost their properties, their churches, mosques, and businesses? Being Amhara has not become a crime in Abiy’s regime? You can deny all of it, but it does not change the fact to anyone. The world is aware of the crimes Abiy and his supporters commit against innocent civilians Amharas.


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