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Peoples Representatives Prevented from having discussion with their respective constituencies

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Members of the House of Peoples Representatives said that they were not allowed to hold discussions with the people of their constituencies, sources said.

Peoples Representatives went to their Zone, Amaro Korre, which has recently been restructured under South Ethiopia Region, to hold discussion with the people who had elected them. But unfortunately they were prevented by the Zonal administration from having discussion with their constituency, Addis Maleda reported.  

A Member of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Aweke Amzaye (Dr.) said that as per the rules stipulated in the constitution, peoples representatives are allowed to visit and have discussion with their constituencies during winter season. “We notified this to the Zonal administration in a letter submitted last February that we would have dialogue with our people. But now the administration prevented us from meeting our constituencies,” Dr. Aweke said.

Though the peoples representatives have tried to talk over the issue with the former chief Administrator of Amaro Korre Zone since Monday 28 August 2023 at his office, he reportedly declined to sit for discussion.   

They called and asked him for the second time if he was ready for the talk. But he declined saying that he was in a meeting, according to Addis Maleda. Their attempt for the third time was not successful as he reportedly fell sick at home and proposed that regarding the issue, the peoples representatives could approach the deputy administrator.

Aweke said that the attempt they have made repeatedly since 28 August 2023 to discuss the issue with  Zonal administrators failed for the simple reason that the officials were not willing to appear for the talk. Due to this, their plan to meet the people was not successful, according to him. 

“We have not been given the green light to meet our people and hold discussion with them lest we should touch the serious corruption problem in the zone,” Aweke said adding that unidentified amount of money was misappropriated by officials, there is illegal use of blank check and procurement of motor bikes from individuals.

“There are people detained without due process of law. Some officials worried about the fact that the misappropriation of public funds and lack of good governance coming out publicly would expose them. That is why they banned our meeting with the people,” Aweke said.

Aweke further said that the meeting with the people was planned to identify problems witnessed in the administration and  the realms of good governance and to look into those that can be resolved at zonal and others to be considered at Regional or Federal levels.

Zonal Chief administrator, Wegene Bizuneh said on his part that, “no one prevented the Peoples’ Representatives from having the meeting but we responded to their demand stating that they should wait till we resolve the security problem witnessed in the Zone”, Addis Maleda said. 

The administrator further said the peoples representatives did not talk with him face to face but rather with the deputy Zone administrator with whom they reached agreement, Addis Maleda reported. 


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