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Important to avoid penchant for quick victory, says Ethiopian activist

Mesfin Aman _ Ethiopia _ Fano
Mesfin Aman, Ethiopian activist (Photo : screenshot from Anchor media video)


Amhara region has been one of areas where the Ethiopian Defense Force used to get support during the war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). In fact, there has been a deferential attitude towards the Defense Force even before the war against the TPLF. 

But that seems to be no longer the case after Abiy Ahmed’s administration mobilized infantry and mechanized units of the Defense Force for a mission against Fano in the Amhara region of Ethiopia – the very force that proved to be a champion of the Defense Force. 

Worse, the campaign has turned out to be an indiscriminate one. Residential homes are targeted with artillery shelling and the number of civilian deaths is spiraling up in several cities in the region. 

It is in this situation that the Defense Chief came out and declared victory over Fano forces whom he described as robbers whose target is robbing farmers. 

The defense force is no longer seen as Ethiopia’s Defense Force in the Amhara region due to the ruthless military campaign. It is seen as Abiy Ahmed’s administration protector.  The regime mobilization is full scale to the point that Fano forces have to lean towards guerrilla fighting in most cases. 

Unlike the Defense Chief Staff and Ethiopian government narrative, FANO has got a broad support in the region  and has made significant military gains. From controlling several towns to capturing hundreds of government forces, video footage is circulating on social media. 

However, a victory that is capable of fixing prevalent political crises and ending stories of massacres might not come any time soon. 

Mesfin Aman is an Amsterdam based Ethiopian activist with a strong experience in opposition politics. In an interview with Anchor Media, on Friday, he warns that a penchant for  quick victory is undesirable. He emphasized the importance of bracing for patience.

Video : embedded from Anchor media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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