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While Loudly Condemning the Coups in West Africa, the UN and AU Support Amhara Genocide in Silence in Ethiopia!

BUT no matter how long it may take or how lonely they may stand, Amharas will defeat the evil that massacres Amharas including the unborn fetuses and infants

Amhara genocide _ Un _ AU
Author provided the graphic work

By Belayneh Abate

The “United Nations (UN)” and African Union (AU) talk loud against the coups in West Africa, but they have given deaf ears to the Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia. The removed despots in West Africa are embezzlers who rob Africa’s wealth and store in the banks of their neo-colonizer masters. The heinous despots in Ethiopia are not just embezzlers but criminals who have been committing genocide on Amhara and other Ethnic groups for decades. 

Although these genocide committers intensified the Amhara genocide in geometric progression five years ago, they started it 45 years prior right after the Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dedeb manifesto was drafted. In its earliest face, the Amhara genocide was effectively implemented in Wolkait and Raya. After the dedeb manifesto included “nations and nationalities” in its preamble and became the “constitution” of the country, Amara genocide continued in Harerge, Arusi, Bale, Keffa, Wolega, Metekele, Shewa and many other places. [1-17] 

Since 2018, the Amara genocide spread in the most parts of the country, and Amara infants, children, women, and elderly have been slaughtered even in the big cities such as Shashemene, Ziway, Nazriet and in the outskirts of Addis Ababa. As we speak, Amhara genocide is committed throughout the country using sharps, bullets, AirForce bombardments, drones and other tools financed by the West and East in one or another way. 

History has shown genocide never occurred without active involvement of the government in power. The Jewish genocide did not happen without active involvement of that time Nazi Government. The Rwanda Genocide did not occur without direct involvement of that time Rwanda Government. Similarly, the Amhara genocide is not being implemented without active and direct involvement of the rulers. Although millions of Amharas including the unborn fetus, infants and pregnant women are slaughtered merely because they are Amharas, the UN and AU are giving deaf ears to Amhara lives. 

The unjust silence of UN and AU shall make Amharas stronger and united more than ever. Amharas should realize that their survival and fate is in their own hands. All Amaras should understand that they are facing what the Jewish people faced during the Nazi era. All Amaras should understand that no international agency stood with the Jewish people when 6 million of them perished like fallen leaves. Amaras should recall that no nation or international organization stood with their forefathers when they defeated the forces of colonialism multiple times. All Amaras should know that they should strength their power, unity and diplomatic skills and defend themselves forever like their forefathers.

As the Jewish people learned how to survive and thrive genocide, the Amara people should learn how to survive and thrive genocide. Amharas should always be ready to defend not only the ongoing genocide but the possible attempts of future genocide coming from evils. Some of the tools for Amaras to survive genocides are: 

  1.  Understand genocide is implemented on you and call it unequivocally and loud AMARA GENOCIDE. 
  2. Spread the information to your base and the world that Amara genocide is escalating. 
  3. Be mindful that savages consider patience as fear
  4. Do not forget an uncultured dog will chase you further if you run away from it. 
  5. Organize yourself at different levels to defend yourself. 
  6. Debate to come up with the best survival ideas but stop arguing and fighting each other siding with your village traitors who put you in this danger in the first place.  
  7. Keep the promise of your ancestors and never take anyone’s property, but fiercely defend yours. 
  8. Never attack innocents but defend yourself aggressively. 
  9. Just like your ancestors, never touch innocent people, children, women, sick and elderly. These are the acts of cursed subhuman and coward creatures.  
  10. Use your well-developed diplomatic culture throughout the world to show the ongoing Amhara genocide even to UN and AF who are sleeping intentionally. 
  11. Never give up the sovereignty of Ethiopia since it is made up of your forefather’s flesh and blood.  
  12.  Stay away from bad habits such as smoking, drinking, chat chewing and gambling. 
  13. Emphasis on education! You can do it! You’re the descendants of good minds that cultivated the Ghion civilization; the children of innovative minds that created unique alphabet and calendar. You are the descendants of creative minds that built dozens of churches from one rock!  You are the grandson of Debteras, philosophers, theologians, artists and poets.  
  14. Work hard day and night like the Amara Peasants! Do not spend a minute without doing useful work. 
  15.  Re-enforce your survival strategy through education, innovation, creativity, experience, and hard work. 
  16. While you are defending yourself, save others who cannot defend themselves. 
  17. Do not forget that you will claim your full country one day as other survivors of genocide claimed their countries one day.

It is evident that the UN, AU and the West are supporting the Amhara genocide in silence. This support in silence should be another learning and decisive point for all Amharas in the universe to unite and fiercely defend themselves. 

No matter how long it may take them or how lonely they may stand, Amharas will defeat the evil that massacres Amharas including the unborn fetuses and infants. 

End Notes 

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August 31,  2023 

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