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Defense Force shells Debre-Markos Town to retaliate defeat it suffered

Defense Force shells Debre Markos
Debre Markos city ( file / public domain)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Debre-Markos Town has recently been bombarded with heavy weapons causing human and property losses including serious physical injuries, sources said. 

The Defense Force has been shelling the Amhara towns, beating and killing innocent people and looting properties in various parts of the Region to retaliate the repeated defeat it has suffered during the fight with Fano Amhara popular Forces, according to the news sources.

Local media outlets, like Addis Maleda and Ashara Media had their reports dwelt on the atrocities perpetrated against civilian Amharas in various parts of the Region. The recent shelling of Debre-Markos Town caused the death of many innocent citizens. An area in the Town, which is known by the name Bole, was hit severely leaving over 100 compatriots murdered. 

Sources said that many towners were forced to flee their ancient Town, Debre-Markos. Ashara Media commented that the atrocities perpetrated  inhumanly against innocent civilians should be exposed to the international community.

Local news sources indicate that people of Debre Markos Town are migrating en masse to the countryside. Attacking populated cities with heavy weapons and incendiary bombs is absolutely prohibited by the international law of war, but the Defence Force continues slaughtering innocent people using heavy weaponry.

Eyewitnesses said that there was a great massacre in the North and Central part of Debre-Markos Town. Dead bodies were seen littering around the roads and every corner of the town that were shelled heavily by the Defence Force.

Soldiers of the Defense Farce were seen taking cell phones, rings and necklaces during the search they were reportedly engaged in from door-to-door across Debre-Markos Town, sources said. 


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