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Letter of complaints from Amhara prisoners of concise

Christian Tadele _ Amhara Prisoners of Conscience
Christian Tadele (Photo : file/SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  A letter of complaints written by 35 Amhara prisoners of conscience, was released yesterday. This letter, addressed to the Federal Ministry of Justice, enlists names that include Christian Tadele (MP), Kassa Teshager, member of the council of Addis Ababa City Administration,  Yohannes Buayalew (MP) and others… Following is the translation of the letter…

We, 34 Amharas with a list of names attached here, have been subjected to serious human rights violations for the mere reason of executing our moral and natural responsibilities. We have faced serious human rights violations for our opposition against the unceasing identity-based massacres, ethnic cleansing, mass deportations, as well as racial, structural and systemic attacks that have been carried out using every possible government capability.

1: As our being Amhara is considered a crime, we have been abducted en masse from different parts of the country out of the law by the government security forces  .

2: When we were detained by the security forces, we were severely beaten, insulted and threatened, calling us bad names for our being Amhara.

3: From the time we were taken hostage by the Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau, we have been subjected to daily torture and threats, including ethnic slur, death threats, and imprisonment in a dark room. Worse than this, the activities of armed security forces to deprive of our right to live have made us more vulnerable.

4: Our human rights to appear before court, consult a lawyer, find religious leaders, and be visited by family and friends are completely restricted.

Therefore, we are asking the Ministry of Justice to carry out its legal responsibility by promptly correcting the grave human rights violations we have been facing as mentioned above.

We hereby request the national, continental and international authorities to  put pressure on the Ethiopia government to respect international human rights principles and stop the identity-based attacks and massacres against the Amhara people. 


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  1. The Prosperity Party places a high priority on apprehending those who want to provoke violent conflict among co-citizens who have intermarried. In contrast to their claims, these criminals, like Christian Tadele, wearing an ill-fitting carvat and trousers, are not locked up for their ethnic background but for preparing to ignite war and cause endless bloodshed. Fannos look awakard and clusmy with modern shoes and a pair of trousers upon trying to imitate the revered people of Oromos, who taught Amhara to put on shoes and a pair of trousers. You will find deep-pocked fannos walking barefoot and wearing shorts.

    Humera, Raya, and Welkayit belong to Tigray, and they have never been part of the Amhara region.
    Humera, Raya, and Welkayit belong to Tigray, and they have never been part of the Amhara region.
    Humera, Raya, and Welkayit belong to Tigray, and they have never been part of the Amhara region.
    From time immemorial, Humera, Raya, and Welkayit have been a part of the Tigray and have never been a part of the so-called Amhara region, created by the TPLF.
    Fannos are killers, robbers, kidnappers, and brutal murderers of children, nuns, priests, and elderly people. Fannos burned churches and plundered sacred religious heritage.

    Terrorists like Christian Tadele, Andargachew Tsege, Abebe Belew, Geletaw Zeleke,Shaleka Dawit W/Giorgis, Messay Mekonen, Dereje Habtewolde (Dere News), Habtamu Ayalew, and all those who share their genocidal views are genociders and should be brought to justice.

    ———-Free Bekalu Alamirew- ——–
    Lock all Fanno extremists and terrorists behind bars; they killed innocent civilians,including children, priests, nuns, and monks; burned the youngest alive; set fire to churches and mosques; and looted sacred religious accessories.


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