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Middle Eastern Powers Intervention in Ethiopian Internal Affairs Dangerous to Peace and Stability in the Region  

Ethiopia _ middle east intervention
Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruler of Abu Dabi and UAE president, hugs Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed during his latest visit to Ethiopia (Photo : PD)

By Abebe Damtew 

It is with profound concern that millions of Ethiopians express their objection to and denouncement of the recent agreement between the ethno-fascist tyrant, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and the leader of the United Arab Emirates, with the sole objective of thwarting the struggle of the Amhara people against existential threats.

At a time when the Amhara people are fighting against the ethno-fascist rule of Abiy Ahmed to extricate themselves from oppression, genocidal violence, mass displacement and other atrocities, any intervention by foreign governments or actors to save the brutal regime is utterly unacceptable and deplorable.  

We categorically denounce the sinister motives of historical enemies of Ethiopia that are determined to turn Ethiopia into a war zone like Somalia, Libya, and Yemen by providing money, arms, and drones to the crumbling regime of Abiy Ahmed.  

It is patently clear that the recent agreement reached between Abiy Ahmed and the United Arab Emirates — under the guise of “anti-terror cooperation” — is intended to crush the ongoing Amhara struggle for survival. This is in sharp contrast to the facts on the ground that show the ongoing attack against the Amhara people has all the hallmarks of state-sponsored terrorism. 

The Amhara people, in close collaboration with the rest of their compatriots, can protect the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, as they have done so for centuries. We, thus, strongly decry the ongoing efforts of the criminal regime of Abiy Ahmed to make the country’s interest subservient to the hegemonic and expansionist agenda of Middle Eastern powers. 

Another dimension of the intervention of countries such as the United Arab Emirates in the internal affairs of Ethiopia is the aggravation of the current volatile situation in the country, thereby making the region a breeding ground of extremist ideologies that clash with existing belief systems which have been promoting peaceful coexistence for many centuries.Incontrovertibly, this brazen agenda has dangerously far-reaching consequences that could adversely impact stability, peace and prosperity in the Horn of Africa and the rest of the world. Therefore, Ethiopians demand: 

That these countries desist from helping the ethno-fascist regime and refrain from intervening in Ethiopia’s internal affairs for the sole purpose of influencing the geo-political status quo of the region at the expense of peace and stability in the region and beyond.

Call upon the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union, and other Western governments to condemn the intervention of the Middle Eastern powers in Ethiopian internal affairs; and: 

Ask the international community to stand on the side of the people of Ethiopia and support the movement to deracinate Abiy Ahmed’s inhumane regime and its replacement by a transitional government that paves the way for a truly representative order in which individual rights of all citizens will be protected and justice, peace and democracy will be guaranteed.

Amharas are determined to pay all necessary sacrifices to protect themselves from extermination and together with all the other ethnic groups defend the integrity of the nation and establish an Ethiopia where all can live in peace, equality and democracy.  

To those foreign countries  who intervene in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, we advise that they keep their hands off Ethiopia and instead cooperate in bringing about peace and stability in and around Ethiopia. 

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  1. This note should be sent to the African Union, the United Nations, the European Union, and other Western governments.

    Ethiopians in the Diaspora should protest in front of the embassies of these Middle Eastern countries.


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