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Eight people kidnapped by militants at the border of Amhara, Oromia Regions

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By Staff Reporter 

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Eight people were taken hostages by “militants who call themselves Fano” in Abichu-Gneaa Woreda, Northern Shewa Zone bordering Amhara and Oromia Regions, families of the hostages told Addis Maleda.

A hostage’s wife, who remained anonymous, said that her husband was kidnapped while he was coming  home from the market by car  last Saturday, 19 August 2023.

The hostage taking incident happened at a place commonly known as Magenta (junction) in the Woreda. Addis Maleda said that the hostages were taken at a spot some five kilometres before they reached their village.

Families of the hostages said that the hostage takers have taken the people and the vehicle they were using to a place known as Enewari in the North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region and have not released them yet.

Since the war erupted between the National Defence Force and “Fano” in the Amhara region, the militants have been engaged in carrying out similar acts in the bordering areas of Oromia and Amhara Regions, Addis Maleda reported.

Communication Office Head of Abichu-Gneaa Woreda, Abdeta Hailiye told Addis Maleda that the attack, which was inflicted recently by militants who call themselves “Fano” is escalating.

Abdeta said that among the people kidnapped last Saturday, there are workers serving at the agriculture office of the Woreda. These workers were returning after selling fertiliser to the farmers, he said.

Similarly days back, 07 August 2023, “Fano militants” entered Mendida town in the Woreda and killed and injured eight innocent people, he said adding that “unless the concerned bodies put an end to this in time, the issue may cause a worse crisis”.

The official said that the cell phones of all the hostages “are not working and their families are worried very much”. Abdeta further said that it is difficult to find out their current situation and set them free as members of the armed group are moving widely in the area.

In a similar development, sources said that during the said attack occurred 07 August 2023 in Mendida Town, six people from Fano and two from the Woreda armed force were killed. The clash reportedly started when the Wereda force fired at the Fano militants who were travelling to Debre-Birhan Town by crossing the Wereda.

Fano representative from the area who spoke to Ethiopian Media Service (EMS) said the kidnapping is orchestrated by government as a propaganda to tarnish the image of Fano. He added that Fano has never been involved in criminal activity in any of its operations in.


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  1. 10,000 Fannos were imprisoned not for the mere reason of their identity but for conspiracies to topple the Ethiopian Moses, Abiy Ahmed.

    Fannos locked behind bars by the kindest PP members are much luckier than those innocent civilians burned alive by Fannos. Stay there! Andaregachew Tsige, Habtamu Ayalew, Abebe Belew, Dereje h/w (Dere News), Messay Mekonen, Geletaw Zeeleke, and Shaleka Dawit (prospective president of Amharanized Ethiopia) are all terrorists and leaders of gang members who are responsible for the genocide in Oromiyaa, Tigray, and Amhara by fannos.


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