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Amhara prisoners at Kaliti and Kilinto prisons to stage hunger strike

Amhara prisoners in Kaliti
Kaliti. Image (SM /File)


Amhara prisoners at Kaliti and Kilinto prisons released an announcement regarding the hunger strike they declared… Start day for it unspecified. Translation of the announcement reads as follows :

The sacrifices made by the Amhara people to establish the nation on firm foundation have been inscribed boldly in history. However, contrary to this fact, constitutional and structural attacks have long been perpetrated against the people. Instead of solving the problems the Amhara people have been facing and giving positive response to the political, social and economic demands, the oppressive governmental group of the prosperity party has been committing genocide and ethnic cleansing, forced displacement and destruction and looting of properties of the Amhara people for the past five consecutive years. 

We have thus started struggling in and out of the country to get responses to our demands  and ensure the existence of our people. We, prisoners of conscience, have been determined to  conduct a three-day hunger strike so that the people of our country and the international community will be aware of the injustice being done to our people.

In particular we, prisoners of conscience, call for the ending of the following government atrocities…

1. The  mass killing effectuated in Amhara Region against the innocent Amharas with weapons of mass destruction by the prosperity party guard or army and security structure of the fascistic group should be stopped immediately.

2. As the government’s name calling campaign (of looters and bandits) against Fano, which is the guarantor of the people,  is a devastating defamation of the nation, it should be stopped urgently.

3. In Addis Ababa and in some areas outside the Region, Amharas have been detained in their 10, 000 for the mere reason of their identity. They are being rounded up and imprisoned currently in police stations, correction centres, schools, and shades built for other purposes. The whereabouts of an unidentified number of people have not yet been known. Many are suffering and languishing in inaccessible areas. Therefore, the mass arrest should be stopped immediately and our incarcerated people should be released.

4. The Amhara prisoners who are being arrested by the repressive government group are being subjected to severe human rights violations, murder, threats and intimidation. Besides, they are being held in conditions that humiliate their human dignity and endanger their lives. This should be rectified immediately and they should get speedy justice.

Requesting the international and national human and democratic rights advocates to visit these prisoners of conscience and expose and condemn the government’s insanity, we would like to point out that the government has made the judicial institutions, particularly, the police, the prosecutor, investigation department, and the court  to be occupied by a single ethnic group.

History is a witness that it is impossible to subjugate the Amhara people by force. Therefore, we urge those who lined up with the army of the prosperity party to refrain from their actions.

Children of the Amhara people in and outside of the country… Those who are fighting at the front, we call on you all to intensify the struggle until the prosperity-led structural attacks are reversed and political, economic and social demands are responded to in an uncompromising manner.

Finally, international, continental and national organisations, defenders of human and democratic rights, diplomats, as well as Ethiopian nationalists and political forces who claim to care about the affairs of Ethiopia, we are asking you to do your part to immediately stop the attacks inflicted brutally against the Amhara people by the oppressive group of prosperity party and its government. We would like to express that the Amhara people meet their demands through the struggle they have embarked on and with sacrifice of their precious children.


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  1. Fannos locked behind bars by the kindest PP members are much luckier than those innocent civilians burned alive by Fannos. Fannos locked behind bars by the kindest PP members are much luckier than those innocent civilians burned alive by Fannos.

    These two weak terms, “looters and bandits, “could not adequately describe Fano, who are not guarantors of the people of Amhara but disgrace and genociders. Fannos killed children, priests, and nuns and massacred the members of the orthodox church in Axum with total support from Shabiya Arab mercenaries.

    10,000 Fannos were imprisoned not for the mere reason of their identity but for conspiracies to topple the Ethiopian Moses, Abiy Ahmed.

    Fannos locked behind bars by the kindest PP members are much luckier than those innocent civilians burned alive by Fannos. Stay there! Andaregachew Tsige, Habtamu Ayalew, Abebe Belew, Dereje h/w (Dere News), Messay Mekonen, Geletaw Zeeleke, and Shaleka Dawit (prospective president of Amharanized Ethiopia) are all terrorists and leaders of gang members who are responsible for the genocide in Oromiyaa, Tigray, and Amhara by fannos.

  2. You must be kidding.
    You have no idea of what you are writting sir (or madamme).
    Who slaughtered innocent amhara in Maikadra?
    Who destroyed life and property in Afar and amhara Zones?
    Who is responsible for the lives of about 1 Million people ? (More than half of it from Tigray?)
    The real genocidres and killers are TPLF officers who are awarded as you may also witness.

    Or may be you are also a Woyane (Enemy of Tigray and Ethiopia)


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