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Abiy Ahmed’s Nazi regime implements its reign of terror through mass arrest of Amhara (Aklog Birara)


Aklog Birara

I had argued in my latest commentary posted yesterday that the State of Emergency on the Amhara region will be followed by mass arrests and other human rights violations. The proclamation gives the Ethiopian state and government under Abiy license to kill, arrest, displace, incapacitate and destroy.

Al-Jazeera just reported mass arrests of Amhara in Addis Ababa. Amhara are forced to show their identity cards and in every instance arrested (video attached).

I am saddened by the fact that the African Union (HQ in Addiss), the EU, the United States and Ethiopia’s neighbors that will be affected by the explosive situation are dead silent.

Please share and do your part for the sake of humanity and justice. Aklog Birara

Video : embedded from AlJazeera youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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  1. Aklog Birarra, a notorious Fanno sponsor, supports a selective empathy strategy.

    Borkena encourages violence against members of non-Amhara ethnic groups through endorsing terrorist YouTube channels like Anchor Ethiopia, which is run by terrorist Messay Mekonen.


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