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ECNAS Is Gravely Concerned About Ongoing Fighting In The  Amhara Region!(Press Release)

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Press Release:
August 16, 2023 

Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support (ECNAS) expresses its profound dismay by  the Ethiopian government’s ongoing military campaign in the Amhara region and the just  declared state of emergency. While recognizing the importance of a strong and united national  army, ECNAS is disheartened by the federal government’s impulsive and imprudent decision to  dissolve regional security forces through an ill-timed and flawed process. Ensuring peace and  law and order throughout the country and building trust in the federal government should have  been prerequisites prior to dismantling regional security forces. 

There are credible reports that the dissolution of regional special forces particularly targeted the  Amhara region while the policy remains to be implemented in other regions of the country. Most  importantly, nine months after the Pretoria agreement, the disarmament and demobilization of  the TPLF forces has not taken place to this day. These are major sources of legitimate anger  and deep concern for the Amhara people both for historical reasons and more so the recent  untold atrocities and colossal destruction perpetrated by TPLF forces in the region.  

ECNAS is deeply troubled by the federal government’s undue failure to learn from the war with  the TPLF that took hundreds of thousands of lives, disrupted economic activities and destroyed  critical infrastructure, public institutions, and private property worth tens of billions of dollars in  the Tigray, Amhara, and Afar regions. The war that the government has now waged in the  Amhara region has NO purpose other than aggravating an already bad situation further causing  a humanitarian crisis in a region that massively suffered from the two-year war with the TPLF. 

At this point, it is clear that the government’s claim to be fighting Amhara extremist forces is a  ploy to quash the legitimate aspiration of the Amhara people to live in their own country without  being subjected to ethnically-motivated killings, persecutions and evictions. The Fano, which the  government is bent on destroying, are the same Amhara militia forces that were called and relied  upon to fight back the TPLF aggression not long ago.

Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support (ECNAS) 

The federal government’s inability to address the legitimate political and security concerns of the  Amhara people and its rush to resort to force has inevitably forced the Fano, a vanguard of  grassroot Amhara movement, to turn into a resistance army. The Fano movement has in a short  time galvanized many in the Amhara region and beyond, taking numerous parts of the region  under its control, including the major cities. 

It is not hard to predict the consequences of this development if the government continues to  quash the legitimate protest and aspiration of the Amhara people by force. It will lead to  unimaginable loss of human lives and destruction of economic, cultural and historical assets, as  evidenced by the recent indiscriminate use of drones and heavy artillery by government forces on civilian targets, as reported by the international media. Already, the government has further  engaged in the arrest, torture and killings of the Amhara youth, journalists and activists— including members of parliament—in the region and beyond, on trumped up charges. 

However, it is also important to underscore that a military action of impunity, far from ensuring a  lasting peace in the region, will cause more insecurity and invite more popular uprising that could  have grave consequences beyond the region—which is already suffering from multiple political  and humanitarian crisis. 

Considering the dire situation facing the Amhara population and the potential repercussions of  the government’s actions on the nation’s long-term political stability and national unity, ECNAS  demands that the Ethiopian government promptly: 

1. Withdraw the military from the Amhara region; 

2. Lift the state of emergency; 

3. Release all political prisoners, including Amhara activists, professors, journalists, and  bloggers; 

4. Halt the harassment of Amhara citizens nationwide, particularly in Addis Ababa and  beyond; 

5. Stop its discriminatory actions against the Amhara; 

6. Start negotiation with all stakeholders in the Amhara region for the establishment of a  transitional government in the Amhara region; and 

7. Pursue a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the ongoing crisis in the Amhara region  and throughout the country. 

Peace, Unity, and Love for Ethiopia! 

Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support



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  1. Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support (ECNAS) realsed statement is absured and biased. This organization and other pro Amhara organizations were supporting the goverment during Tigray conflict and on going oromia war. The Amhara shuvensts are the main cause of war and conflict in Ethiopia. They are officially agitating war from in Country and abroad. Please don’t offend other nation and nationalities in the country. The existance of Amhara nation as a nation is denied by many Amharas, but others are proclaimimg that they are founders and corner stone of Ethiopia, which rejects contribution of others and further ignities conflict in Ethiopia. Therefore, we kindly request balanced statments from all. Today is 21st centure and those whom you taught farming and clothing are by far better than the so called Amhara. be balanced.

  2. The lucky ones are now complaining about identity-based mass arrests, but many innocent Oromos, Gumuz, Tigrayans, Kimants, Shinasha, and Agew have been subjected to unspeakable horrors and torturous acts, such as being burned alive while pleading for mercy until their last dying breath and being thrown into rivers and lakes while their hands and legs were bound. All these horrors were committed among Ethiopians , by fellow Ethiopians, whose nation is usually regarded as the pinnacle of Christianity, and Ethiopians are renowned for their dedication, piety, hospitality, and friendliness around the globe. These horrible incidents have occurred in Ethiopia( የክርስቲያን ደሴት)
    ፋኖዎችም ሆኑ ደጋፊዎቻቸው የተለያዩ የብሔርብሔረሰብ አባላትን ማሰር ማንገላታት ፥መዝረፍ መግደል ያቁሙ ፥፥ከዚህ መሠል ድርጊቶች ይቆጠቡ፤፤ማንም አማራ ይጥፋ ይገደል ይታሰር ያለ የለም፥፥ስም እየለጠፉ የፖርቲ ታርጋ እየለጠፉ ብሔርብሔረቦችን በማንገላታት፤በመግደል ኢትዮጵያን አንድ ማድረግ ሕዝብን በማሸበር መግዛት አይቻልም፥፥ለሰው ሕይወት ክብር ይኑረን፥፥ የሌላው ህይወት ይጥፋ አማራ ግን ለምንስ ይታሰር የሚሉት ልግጫ ቢቀር መልካም ነው፤፤
    Fanno has to stop killing all non-Amhara people by sticking names on them and affiliating them with OLA, TPLF, or other groups.

    ———— Fannos have to STOP KILLING Non-Amhara ethnic members ———


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