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A Political analyst says Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission is serving the incumbent as public-numbing instrument

Ethiopian national Dialogue _ Geletaw Zeleke
Photo : screenshot from Mingizem Media

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – A political analyst said that the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) “is serving the incumbent government as an instrument to numb the people”. Geletaw Zeleke said during a discussion organised by Addissu Media that the dialogue, which was proposed by the Commission calling all parties that have been engaged in conflicts with the government, is untimely. “This is not the right time for dialogue. The government is rather utilising the National Dialogue Commission as an instrument to buy time by cooling down the people,” Geletaw said. 

The media discussion led by the veteran journalist, Addissu Abebe was held last Sunday based on the statement made by ENDC on 08 August 2023. The Commission called for unconditional ending of conflicts occurring throughout the country and urged all confronting parties to sit round the table for dialogue and consultation.

Representing the ENDC, Commissioner Dr. Yonas Adaye, Associate Professor of the Institute of Peace and Security at Addis Ababa University underscored the significance of dialogue and consultation among all parties that are in conflict. “We made a national call. We are working to bring together all conflicting parties with their differences,” Yonas said.

Regarding the current status of the country, Dr Yonas said that Ethiopia is at the state of “fragile peace”. He said that the situation is a mixture of threat and hope. Unless care is taken, it will get worse, according to him.

Geletaw Zeleke does not agree with Yonas’s view. He said that Dr. Yonas adhered to the peace situation. “I am rather of the opinion that currently the country is in the status of fragility. The change [the nation embarked on in 2018] had a problem of departure. It was born with birth defects. The transition model is a kind one, which has never been seen anywhere in the world. It has come out as a broken piece from the dysfunctional ruling party. The false promise made by the leaders of the change has caused the fragility,” Geletaw said.

He said that as the change was not inclusive, the transition process has failed. “Therefore, Ethiopia is in the state where people are asking for change,” Geletaw noted.

Dr Yonas was asked whether it was timely to call for dialogue in a situation where there are mass arrests of innocent people and civilians summarily rounded up and sent to prison. “Where have you been all these 18 months since your establishment?”

Dr. Yonas said the Commission has done its peacekeeping task. “Ours is peacekeeping activities. The Commission’s task is to bring all rival parties towards peace”.

Yonas appreciated the raised questions in the course of discussion saying that they are basic ones. “There should be similar discussions in the future. Of course, the call for the dialogue is delayed. It is due to the technical problems we have faced. We make corrections and work for lasting peace in our nation,” Dr. Yonas said. 

Geletaw said that ENDC is numbing the people. “As it is not legitimate, it has no acceptance among the vast majority… They stated in the introductory part of the proclamation on the establishment of the Commission that there are disagreements of ideas between the political elites and opinion leaders… Having stated that, the Commission has not come forward to hold discussion with the elites… It has not made any efforts to bring the elites together for discussion…,” Geletaw said.

Dr. Yonas said on his part that the Commission is a legitimate body elected by the people. However, Geletaw interjected with his opposition saying that he did not accept this. He said that the commission was not established in an election that was processed through a regular and proper way. “Rather it was established through an internet campaign.”

Geletaw further said that the Commission has become an instrument to prolong the existence of the incumbent. “The ruling party is using the Commission as an instrument like the other institutions such as the military, the court, prosecutor… It has established them for its own advantages. I have a firm trust in dialogue. But now the Commission is trying to make the people less enthusiastic … People need to cool down in the name of dialogue. It should be known that in such situations the people have lost trust. It is better for the Commission to dissolve itself rather than wasting the resources of the country,” Geletaw said. 


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  1. በደሳለኝ ቢራራ (Desalegne Birara)
    ነሐሴ 7/2015 ዓ/ም said “”መገደል የነበረበት ጠላት “ፎቶ አታንሱኝ፡ ቤተሰቦቸ ያዝናሉ” ሲላቸው፡ ፋኖዎቹ ስለምርኮኛው ቤተሰብ ሰላምና ክብርም አርቀው ያስባሉ። ” this writer as always promote violence and killings. He must be broght to justice an deported to Prosperity party head quarter in Finfinne.He may have a name(Birara) that suggests compassion and tenderness, but his actions and words place him in the company of the ruthless.

    Deport all gangster fanno leaders that are residing in the USA , namely abebe belew, habtamu ayalew, geletaw zeleke, ESAT EMS youtubers etc .Dismantle mahibreseytan(mahibrekiddusan) as it is the right time now than ever!!

    On article posted on Borkena Amharic page , ነሐሴ 7/2015 ዓ/ም በደሳለኝ ቢራራ (Desalegne Birara), said, “”መገደል የነበረበት ጠላት “ፎቶ አታንሱኝ፡ ቤተሰቦቸ ያዝናሉ” ሲላቸው፡ ፋኖዎቹ ስለምርኮኛው ቤተሰብ ሰላምና ክብርም አርቀው ያስባሉ። ” This writer as always promote violence and killings. He must be brought to justice and deported to the Prosperity Party headquarters in Finfinne. He may have a name (Birara) that suggests compassion and tenderness, but his actions and words place him in the company of the ruthless.
    On August 4, 2015, the same genocidal man wrote “” ፋኖ ይህ እንደሚደረግ ሳያውቅ ቀርቶ አይደለም እየታገለ ያለው ወይም የእርስ በእርስ ጦርነት (civil war) ይመጣል ብሎ በመፍራት ትግሉን ለአፍታ አይተውም። ምክንያቱም ከዘር እልቂት (ጄኖሳይድ) የእርስ በእርስ ጦርነት ይሻላል። ከሁለቱ መጥፎ አማራጮች የተሻለውን መምረጥ ብቸኛው የህልውና መንገድ ስለሆነ ነው ህዝቡ ‘ቁጭ ብለን አናልቅም’ ብሎ የተነሳው። “”
    Deport all gangster fanno leaders that are residing in the USA, namely Abebe Belew, Habtamu Ayalew, Geletaw Zeleke, ESAT EMS YouTubers, etc. Dismantle Mahibreseytan (Mahibrekiddusan), as it is the right time now more than ever!

    ——————————Deport Geletaw Zeleke-He is a genocider —————————————-

  2. This Commission was established at the end of 2021 within the context of the War in Tigray. It had the aim of not only addressing the Tigran War, but also the root causes of possible future conflicts. Apparently it has not been effective in either case. The problem is not only because it has no power of “persuasion”, but because it was established to assuage Western demands and provide a modicum of credibility to the current administration. Moreover, it was given a broad assignment to address not only political, but also economic and social problems. This in itself, was a recipe for ineffectiveness given that the members are only 21 in number. If the intention for its establishment was a genuine one, it would have focused only on the question of peaceful coexistence of all the Ethiopian peoples, and it would have excluded special interest groups such as political party and religious group members, and would have selected instead very prominent Ethiopians known for their integrity and good judgment who could hammer out a viable peace process. As it is, the ENDC inspires neither confidence nor hope!!

  3. Ethiopian Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC-የፌደራል የሥነምግባር እና የፀረ-ሙስና ኮሚሽን(ፌ.ሥ.ፀ.ሙ.ኮ.) authorities should confiscate all the money and property of corrupted religious leaders and support displaced and hungry people, including those who lost their families and wounded soldiers.

    The state should intervene, bring corrupted criminal religious leaders and mahibrekidusan(Mahibreseytan-ማህበረ ሰይጣን) mafia members to justice, and confiscate all their riches obtained through corrupt means.

    Ethio 360, Abebe Belew, Habtamu Ayalew, Geletaw Zeleke, and his accomplices must be brought to justice for promoting killings of officials, violence among ethnic groups living in poverty, and hatmony.

    Down, down, Fanno robbers, killers, and servants of Shabiya

    ——- Ethiopian authorities should Dismantle Mahibrekiduisan (suppoters and sponsors of Fanno)—————


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