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Finote Selam : Drone attack reportedly killed at least 28 civilians 

Finote Selam City
Finote Selam town (photo: Finote Selam government communication)


At least 28 civilians are reportedly killed in a drone attack in Finote Selam town in West Gojjam zone, in the Amhara regional state. Twenty others (also civilians) are wounded of which ten are said to be serious.  The attack happened on Sunday. 

The drone attack happened as residents of Finote Selam were discussing the security situation in their town following an intense battle between Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano in Bure. 

Ethiopian Media Service said that some sources put the number of casualties from the drone attack to over 70. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force did not enter Finote Selam after the drone attack.  The attack has further angered residents and are reportedly resorting to supporting the Fano forces – a militia group from the region. 

The drone attack came a day after Ethiopian Defense Force members suffered a serious loss in the Bure area where there was intense fighting.  Two tanks were destroyed in the battle near Bure – according to Anchor Media. 

Reports from local sources indicate Ethiopian Defense Force used helicopters to build up troops in Bure as roads in many parts of the region are closed and fano forces ambushing government troops. 

Four members of the same family were killed in their own house when Ethiopian government forces shelled the city with artillery from  Wondy plateau off Bure town.  

A person who identified himself as a family member spoke to Ethiopian Media Service on the phone and confirmed that his family members were killed including his mother.  Atrocities by government forces are fueling more anger in the region. 

State media and government communications affairs ministry has framed Fano forces as “hoodlums and hooligans”  when the group has popular support in the region and beyond. 

Government authorities did not remark on the drone attack. State media outlets did not cover the story at this writing. 

EMS said it reached out to Defense Force spokesperson, Colonel Getenet Adane, to get remarks but the phone was unanswered. 

The Fano group is clearly politically motivated and there have been no reports of bank robbery in the region since the Fano officially launched military resistance to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government, unlike the case in the Oromo region of Ethiopia where hundreds of branches of commercial banks of Ethiopia were robbed. 

Last week, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government imposed a state of emergency in the Amhara region after internet connections were shut for weeks. 

The number of civilian casualties has been spiraling as the federal government intensifies its military campaign with the hope of disarming Fano forces which does not seem to be happening. 

Ethiopian Parliament meeting to Approve ruling party’s State of Emergency 

The Ethiopian Parliament is meeting on Monday to approve the state of emergency measure which is already in effect. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) this week released a statement with recommendations in implementing the state of emergency to avoid human rights abuses. 

Daniel Bekele, Commissioner of EHRC, advises the parliament to assess the state of emergency measures. In a Twitter message on Saturday,  he said “As Ethiopia Parliament convenes on Monday, it should assess the necessity, legality & proportionality of emergency powers as well as its scope of applications…” 

Hundreds of civilians have reportedly been killed in the Amhara region of Ethiopia since the declaration of a state of emergency last week. 


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  1. So the poor population is caught between devil and the deep blue sea of the lawless Fano group,on the one hand, and Abiy’s military machine on the other. People should knowe that they are both contesting to attain or hold the state powe illigimatelly and by meaans necessary . People should desist to be part of either bloody sides because they are not serving the best interest of the ethiopian public . As matter of fact,, they are doing more harm than good by creating an avoidable of more chaos, death and destruction

  2. In poor countries like Ethiopia, Human Life is Devalued . As individuals’ lives are inherently equal, regardless of their socioeconomic and political status, it becomes vital to ensure the protection of innocent civilians. The disturbing reality is that unarmed civilians are routinely targeted, tragically transformed into casualties, and used as easy targets.

    ———————————Stop drone attacks against civilians————————————————-

  3. በአቢቾ ዘመን የፀሃይ ጮራ በኢትዮጵያ አበራ!!! ዳቦው ይቅርብን እንብለ ቆሎ: ሺህ አመት ንገስ የእኛ ድምቡሎ

    The abiy mafia riff ruff is the stupidest collection of dunces that literally cannot govern a single part of Ethiopia even if one gives it the abc of governance written at the level of understanding for five year olds.

    ይሄ እኮ እንዳው ጅል የሆነ ሰው ደም ጠጪ : አምስት አመት ሙሉ አንዲት ቀን ያለማቋረጥ ሲያርድ ሲገድል ሲያፈናቅል ሲሰርቅ ሲዘርፍ ሲያፈርስ የኖረ ከላይ እስከታች የበሰበሰ የገዳይና የዘራፊ ወንበዴ ጥርቅም ነው::

    1) ፓርክ አሰራሁ : መዝናኝ ይላል:: ማን ነው የሚሄደው? ለመታረድ? ለመዘረፍ?
    2) ኢትዮጵዊ መከላከያ ገነብቻለሁ ብሎ ፎከረ:: ህዝብ ላይ ድሮን ታንክ የሚተኩስ የኦሮሙማ መገለጫ
    3) ህዝባዊ ቅቡልነት የሌለው በትግራይ: በአፋር በደቡብ በአማራ ማህበረሰብ ጨምሮ የተጠላ አሃክ እንትፍ ተብሎ በህዝብ የተተፋ ውዳቂ ነው::
    4) ከአሁን በህዋላ ማንም የሚታለል የሚሞኝ ህዝብ የለም ፊትም ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያ ብሎ ሰለመጣ እንጂ ሆድ ሲያውቅ ዶሮ ማታ ነው::

    In every micro and macro economics indicators Ethiopians are doing far worse, and doing miserably than they were five years ago.

    In 2018, before abiy and oromumma came:

    1) $ 1 US dollar = 18 birr bank rate, about $23 birr parallel market
    2) 1 quintal teff = 2000 birr
    3) 1 loaf of bread= 1 birr
    4) 1 egg = 1.5 birr
    5) 1 liter benzene = 21 birr

    In 2023 on abiy’s Watch
    1) $ 1 US dollar = 54 birr bank rate, 107 birr parallel market. THIS IS A NEGATIVE 150% DEVALUATION OF THE BIRR!!!
    2) 1 quintal teff now is =. 12,000 birr THIS IS A 600 % PRICE HIKE!!!!!
    3) 1 loaf of bread= 7 birr THIS IS A 700% PRICE RISE!!!!!
    4) 1 egg= 6.50 birr THIS IS OVER 400% PRICE HIKE!!!!!
    5) 1 liter benzene = 69. 5 birr. THIS IS OVER 300% INCREASE!!!!!!!

    QUESTION: Are Ethiopians doing better today than five years ago????????
    ANSWER: HELL NO!!!!!!!!

    ቁጥሮቹ የዚህ ደካማ መሪ የአምስት አመት ሪፖርት ካርድ ነው::
    The grade is F!!!!!

    What about the peace and security of Ethiopians in 2018 vs 2023?

    In 2018 before Abiy:

    1) people can drive in almost any part of Ethiopia without security risks and loss of lives
    2) armed robbery in major cities never heard of
    3) no bank robberies ever occurred
    4) no displacement and mass murder of any ethnic group in Ethiopia

    In 2023 on abiy as pm and the oromumma cult in office:

    1) the security of Ethiopians is the most vulnerable and nobody can drive safely to any parts of Ethiopia
    2) 10 million IDPs, internally displaced people the highest in the entire world at one point.
    3) over 1 million people massacred
    4) War zones in Wollega, Tigray and now entire Amhara provinces

    QUESTION: are Ethiopians safer since abiy and his oromumma came to power?????

    ANSWER: Ethiopians are witnessing the most violent crises and the most security risks to their individual lives under abiy’s rule than any other time in the history of Ethiopia.

    Both in economics and safety & security, Abiy and his oromumma ideology has brought chaos, misery and death to Ethiopians.

    These are the hard realities of abiy’s FIVE YEARS OF REIGN OF TERROR AND HORROR.

  4. This is exactly what I have been saying along. Guns will not solve issues. In stead they will make already violent situations even worse. We all know the history of drones in battles. They are not always pinpoint accurate. They are known to cause significant collateral damage, collateral in terms of civilians and property. We should all remember the fact that this region is vast with a population close to 35 million. If the region of Tigray with a population 6.5 million lost close to a million people in the recent stupid war, imagine the number of people will lose their lives in this much more populous region. I’m having nightmares just from extrapolating it. That is why I am urging both sides to lower their guns and head to a negotiation table. This conflict must stop and stop now. Nobody will come out a winner in this senseless conflict. Enough, enough and enough is enough.

    Peace y’all!!!

  5. በደሳለኝ ቢራራ (Desalegne Birara)
    ነሐሴ 7/2015 ዓ/ም said “”መገደል የነበረበት ጠላት “ፎቶ አታንሱኝ፡ ቤተሰቦቸ ያዝናሉ” ሲላቸው፡ ፋኖዎቹ ስለምርኮኛው ቤተሰብ ሰላምና ክብርም አርቀው ያስባሉ። ” this writer as always promote violence and killings. He must be broght to justice an deported to Prosperity party head quarter in Finfinne.He may have a name(Birara) that suggests compassion and tenderness, but his actions and words place him in the company of the ruthless.

    Deport all gangster fanno leaders that are residing in the USA , namely abebe belew, habtamu ayalew, geletaw zeleke, ESAT EMS youtubers etc .Dismantle mahibreseytan(mahibrekiddusan) as it is the right time now than ever!!

  6. 1. Dr. Daniel should ‘REMIND’ Eskinder/Zemene/Mihret/Mesafint/etc.: “Using civilians & children as human shields & cannon fodder is War Crime & Crime against Humanity!”

    2). Abiy vs. Haile-Selassie’s Feudal Monarchy [HSFM]: The HSFM didn’t even have the heart to airdrop a 10¢ [100 gram] Shewa Bakery bread for Wolloyes who starved & died.

    Compare: Under Abiy, >10 million school children and > 50,000 Addis residents get ≥2 free meals each day. The HSFM made Ethiopia “The World’s Poster Child of Famine.”

    3). Inflation: Inflation is very high in the West, too! Yet, unlike Ethiopia, the West didn’t face drought, locust, Proxy Wars, embargo, loan/aid repeal, currency devaluation, etc.

    4). The White Supremacist West [WSW] sets Exchange Rates: It set $1 ≈ 140 Birr. When Abiy refused that, the WSW’s Proxy Dogs flooded the black market with $1 ≥ 140 Birr.

    5). Oromuma vs. Amaruma: Amaras make ≈24% of Ethiopia but hold >60% undue posts. Oromos make ≈36% & generate ≥60% GDP but hold far few posts despite qualifications:

    i). Amaras vs Oromos @ Government: youtu.be/Ed_EurvckOU?t=218
    ii). Amaras vs Oromos @ Ethiopian Airlines: youtu.be/Ed_EurvckOU?t=362
    ii). Amaras vs Oromos @ Ethio Telecom: youtu.be/46LVMfUQhk8?t=58

  7. This fiction about oromos making 36% of the population and generating > 60% of the GDP has to be corroborated. And holding few posts??? despite qualifications???? What I see around me is the rreverse..a lot of dumb undeserving oromos holding poistions they cannot handle …DICK, it is called. Just becaue some smart alec oro (like abiy ) says so does not mean it is correct – in fact that is the problem with oromo narration; most of it is made up, no evidence..so where do we go from here? back to sqare zero…. abiy has slided down the mucked up oro ladder never to return to his Ethiopian base…alas..alas

  8. Oro narration [Prince(ss)/የጠቅል አሽከር/መኳንንት/መሳፍንት/etc.],

    “ሌባ እናት – ልጇን አታምንም!” አሉ! Ok, I will clear your doubts but first my questions:

    You [Haile-Selassie Era Feudal Monarchs (HSEFM)] claim Solomonian Jewish Ancestry. On the other hand, Haile-Selassie’s grand fathers are Oromos! My questions:

    1). Why don’t you HSEFM go to Israel & claim your Solomonian Throne? Israel is rich [gets > $4 billion per year from US alone]! የምን “ኢትዮጵያን ካልገዛን” ብሎ ሙጭጭ ነው?

    2). You HSEFM adore the half-Oromo Haile-Selassie [HS] and even swear by his horse “የጠቅል አሽከር!” So, why do you trivialize Abiy for being half-Oromo AND support the Oromo denigrators [Amara Supremacy Resurrection Zombies (Eskinder/Zemene/etc.)]? Don’t get me started with the HSEFM Wollo Famine!

    Isn’t there any “የጠቅል አሽከር!” mole left at the Stats Office in Addis? Now, the answers:

    1). Names & Posts are in the links! Do you need help to Copy/Paste them in the browser?
    2). WSW said 36%: cia.gov/the-world-factbook/countries/ethiopia/#people-and-society
    3). Oromos generate >60%. I said 60% since Amaras received 1,531 tractors, thousands of pumps, etc. [in just the last 2 years] & harvested 242K ha of wheat this summer alone.


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