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War crimes , genocide in Bahr Dar, Debre Berhan, Gondar Ethiopia…

Remarks by Aklog Birara

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed compounds Ethiopia’s agony by deploying tanks, other heavy weapons of war as well as helicopters and drones to attack the most populated cities in the Amhara region—Bahir Dar, Debre Berhan, Debre Tabor, Gondar.  Casualties include children and the elderly, who have nothing to do with the war in the Amhara region. 

In one tragic situation in Bahir Dar on August 8, 2023. a father and his sons going to church were slaughtered by Abiy’s army. This is war crimes. This is genocide targeting Amhara civilains.

A large-scale or wholesale massacre , arrest and incarceration of tens of thousands of Amahraq is taking place at numerous locations in the Amhara region, Oromia, Beni-Shangul Gumuz and in Addis Ababa  and the new Sheger City. 

The international community, especially the USA, has an obligation to rebuke the use of drones by Abiy Ahmed’s cruel and barbaric regime. 

Attached for reference is coverage of the assault by Anchor Media.

I also urge you to listen to a BBC broadcast whose essence Yuri Tadesse captured on Twitter. 

Video : embedded from Anchor Media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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