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Gamo Zone in simmering discontent  

Gamo Zone
Arba Minch (Photo : public domain )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – After the new 12th region, “Southern Ethiopia” officially took over power from the dissolving Region, complaints related to the restructuring are coming out from various parts of Gamo, sources said.

Tikvah-Ethiopia reported here that the new regional structure “does not respond to demands raised by the people”. The government is ignoring the demand for the formation of “Gamo Regional Government” and is implementing the cluster administration system, Tikvah said.

A  resident of Arba-Minch Town told Tikvah-Ethiopia that what was being asked by Gamo people was the question of regional self administration, but without giving proper response to the raised question, the cluster formation was being implemented.

Despite the issue of independent (autonomous) regional government, it was previously decided that the seat of the new Regional Administration would be Arba-Minch Town. But now this decision has not been implemented. Following this a lot of complaints  are coming from the people thinking that  political deception has been happening, according to Tikvah.

“The current demand of the people is that Gamo should be an independent Region. Those who support the idea are voicing their demand peacefully in different ways,” he said.

In a bid to express discontent, the “Gamo Democratic Party” proposed to stage a protest yesterday, 11 August 2023. But unfortunately, the people were not allowed to come out into the street to voice their discontent against the decision.

The party told Tikvah that the protest was supposed to voice dissatisfaction over the decision made by the government in ignoring the people’s request to establish the Gamo National Regional Government and stop the unconstitutional activities it is undertaking to establish the cluster structure and reconsider the decision.

“During the protest it was planned to convey messages   such as “Gamo is our region… Arba-Minch is our centre… Gamo is a region, not a cluster administration..,” Tikvah reported.

However, Zonal security Command Post informed the party in a letter that the protest march was not allowed for the “sake of public peace and security”.

The party said that the government is trying to suppress questions related to demands coming from the people and has gone to the extent of arresting members of the political  party.


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