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EZEMA sees weakness as a cause for unscrupulous Ethiopian gov’t leadership



Many Ethiopian opposition parties have been blaming Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government over failure to bring about peace in the country or protect the safety of Ethiopians.

Recently Abiy’s government is facing stiff resistance from Fano in the Amhara region of Ethiopia – a situation that pushed his administration in the direction of declaring a state of emergency(SoE). His government framed the Fano movement as a hoodlum and hooligan enterprise – the way the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) used to frame resistance movements. 

Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party Secretary (EZEMA) is one of the opposition parties that blamed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

EZEMA says lack of having a principled stand emanates from a weakness – not from strength. It sees Prime Minister Abiy’s government as unscrupulous with the inability to understand or know the people they are leading. They see his government as a collection of weak personalities. 

Abebe Akalu, EZEMA Secretary, explains his party’s position. Watch his interview with ESAT below. 

Video : embedded from ESAT youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video.

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