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National Bank of Ethiopia introduces monetary policy reform to keep inflation under control

National Bank of Ethiopia _ monetary reform
Mamo Mihretu, governor of National Bank of Ethiopia (left) and National Bank of Ethiopia Building (right)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), Mamo Mihiretu said that monetary policy reform has been made at national level. The governor said in a statement he gave to local media outlets here today that a Board of Directors of the National Bank of Ethiopia has made strong policy reforms to keep the inflation under control, the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) said in its Amharic report.

Keeping the limited ceiling of domestic credit growth at 14 percent is one of the decisions made in connection with the monetary policy reform. This decision enforces other commercial banks to adjust their loan growth as per the stated ceiling. The Governor, Mihiretu, has also made official that the policy decision made on direct loan allowed to the government should not exceed one third of the amount given in the previous fiscal year.

The Governor has also said that when banks face shortage of funds, the interest they pay for the credit facilities they receive from the National Bank of Ethiopia will be raised from 16 percent to 18 percent. Mamo Mihiretu further said that the previous 70/30 share split of the foreign currency transfer obligation of exporters engaged in key export businesses has been reformed to 50/50. As per the decision, the banks will deposit 50 percent of the total foreign exchange earnings to the National Bank. 


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  1. The Prosperity Party must confiscates all money and properties of corrupted religious leaders and supports the displaced and hungry, regardless of their religion and ethnicity. The Prosperity Party must confiscates all money and properties of corrupted religious leaders and supports the displaced and hungry, regardless of their religion and ethnicity.

    The corruption, robbery, nepotism, and other crimes committed within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church require the authorities to step in and launch an investigation. Because it is filled with dishonest leaders, the so-called ecclesiastical jurisdiction (ፍትሕ መንፈሳዊ) has proven ineffective in uncovering crimes committed within the church and implementing the necessary and appropriate measures in response.

    The corrupt parish church leaders, bishops, preachers, and all other religious service providers who engage in corruption, embezzlement, robbery, and other violations must forfeit all of their assets to the Ethiopian government. You’ll be surprised to learn that this money is greater than what the state might annually spend on building public infrastructure.
    In order to draw people in and steal their belongings in various ways, these thieves within the church are organized mafia playing religious cards. According to reports, some religious service providers have even harmed affluent church members by utilizing black magic to cause them pain and suffering in order to pass themselves off as healers and steal the victims’ money. This mafia requires religious academics to pay a significant sum of money in order to be hired, and some succeed in the screening process by associating themselves with well-known, wealthy people. Numerous church officials, the majority of whom are monks, have their own concubines (ቅምጦች).
    Many religious professors and choirs have gotten jobs thanks to these concubines in numerous parish churches. Since most people got recruited by blood links or through corruption, it is typical to observe employees asking each other to which ethnic group they belong in Ethiopian orthodox Tewahedo parish churches and its employment offices. The embezzler, Stalin, of the Zara media would not reveal how he was hired, who assisted him in landing a job with the patriarchate head bureau, or anything else of the sort.
    Since he is not the only person in Ethiopia with remarkable skills, it is not because of his abilities. Nepotism and corruption were pervasive in public and religious institutions during the TPLF era. By exploiting and using the suffering of Tigrayans for his own gain, Stalin is now portrayed by duplicitous and corrupt TPLF supporters as the most patriotic Tigrayan. He is constantly thinking about how to make money and considers this uncertain time to be a period of financial prosperity. TPLFites have a reputation for making the most of every situation, including human suffering, as they have demonstrated over the last three years.
    ——-The Prosperity Party must confiscates all money and properties of corrupted religious leaders(bishops, parish church leaders, etc) and supports the displaced and hungry, regardless of their religion and ethnicity——–

    It was just to fire numerous embezzlers and people who were employed because of family ties, and justice was done when it was due. The evil Tigrayans who were working with Stalin mistreated religious schoalars , and on their behalf they hired individuals from Adowa and other areas, and fired non-Tigrayans because of their blood ties and ethnicity .

    Few Tigrayans who were autocratic rulers and church servants included Stalin, Nibured-ed Elias(ንቡረ-ዕድ ኤልያስ), and others. People from Adowa were regarded and treated as chosen royal family members.
    These corrupt individuals, similar to Stalin and the Adowa mafia organization within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, were robbing the church of its resources and sending their own families abroad in place of church academics who are excluded because of their ethnic origin. Tigrayans who are not related to them by blood and are poor, these criminals were not even friendly with them. To your surprise, as many of the stewards were adowa mafia members, these gangs were even poisoning church academics who frequent restaurants within religious buildings. These individuals were collaborating closely with Oromos and Amhara ethnic groups, which backed their autocratic and corrupt leadership philosophies. There was a perceptible hint of shame in their voices as they began to speak Tigrigna and argued to communicate in Amharic as an indication of advancement, civilization ,and to conceal their ethnic personality..

    Abba Stalin, a defrocked monk from Adowa, and his mafia Adowa group should return the money they plundered from the church during the 27-year-long TPLF era.

    To sum up, ብልፅግና በአድዋ ማፊያዎች ላይ ያደረገው ከቤተክህነቱ የማባረር ሥራው የሚደገፍ ነው፥፥የትግራይ ተወላጆችን ሳይቀር ሲያጉላሉ ሲዘርፉ ሲመዘብሩ የነበሩ የአድዋ ማፊያ ጥርቅሞች ከቤክርስቲያኗ ቁልፍ ቦታዎች መውጣታቸው የሚደገፍ ነው፥ትናንት ሲገፉት ሲያሰቃዩት፥በሥሙ ሲሸቅጡ የነበሩ ጥቂት የህውሃት ፓርቲ መሪዎች እና ጮሌ ደጋፊዎቻቸው ዛሬ ፃድቃን መስለው በትግራዋይነታችን ከሥራ ተፈናቀልን እያሉ ሲጮሁ ይደመጣሉ፥፥አማርኛ መናገር ሥልጣኔ የሚመሥላቸው በትግርኛ መናገር ያፍሩ የነበሩ የህውሃት ማፊያ ግሳንግሶች ዛሬ ላይ አማርኛን ማኮሰስ ሲጀምሩ ማየት አግራሞትን መቀስቀስ አልፎ ፈገግታን ያላብሳል ፥ እነዚህ ጮሌዎች ያለ ዘመድ ና ያለ ጉቦ ስለማይቀጠሩ አስቀድመው ሲተዋወቁ እርስበርሳቸው የማን ቤተሰብ ነህ ነው የሚባባሉት ፥፥የትግራይን ሕዝብ በወረዳ ባውራጃ በቀበሌ እየከፋፈሉ ሲበዘብዙት ሲያናቁሩት ለዓመታት ቆይተው ሲያበቁ የቁርጥ ቀን ሲመጣ ተወረርክ አለቀልህ ሙትልን ተሰቀልልን እያሉ አስፈጁት፥፥የነርሱ ወገን የፓርቲያቸው አባል የሆነ ሕክምና የተሻለ እገዛ እንዲያገኝ ሲደረግ ዛሬም እንደትናቱ ለነርሱ የቆሰለ አካሉን ያጣ ወገን በህመም በረሀብ እንዲሰቃይ ፈርደውበታል፤፤ወገኖቻቸውን በተሻለ ቦታ በውጭ ሃገራት አስቀምጠዉ ፥ደሃውን ያስፈጁታል፥፥ ለእርዳታ የገባን እህል እየሰረቁ ለትርፍ ይሸጣሉ፥፥ህፃናት፤ህመምተኞች አረጋውያን በረሀብ ያልቃሉ፥፥ከዚያ በጠላት ማሳበብ ፥፥ዓለም የሚያውቀው ጠላት የፈፀመው በደል እና ግፍ እንዳለ ሆኖ አንዳችም ሳይካድ በትግራይ ህዝብ እልቂት ረሀብ ፥የንብረት ዝርፊያ ፥ፃታዊ ዓመፅ ላይ የህውሃት መሪዎች፥ባንዳዎች ትግሬ እና ባንዳ ነጋዴዎች ሚና መዘንጋት የለበትም፤፤ከዚያ ሁሉ ወንጀል አናሳ በሚባል መልኩም ቢሆን በትግራይ ተወላጆች ለመፈፀሙ ማሳያ ብዙ ነገሮች አሉ፤፤ጥቂት የማይባሉ ወገኖች በተጋሩ በጩቤ ተወግተው ተገድለዋል ፥ንብረታቸው ተዘርፏል ፥የፃታዊ ዓመፅ እንደደረሰባውም ይገመታል፤፤እየተሸፈነ እንጂ፤፤ፍትሕ እና ሥርዓት የሠፈነበት ግልፅነት እና ተጠያቂነት የመላበት ከሆነ ሁሉንም ለጠላት አትሥጡ፥ ይጋለጥ፥፥ጠላት ደስ ይለዋል ተብሎ ለፖለቲካ ትርፍ የሚሸፋፈን ግፍ ናበደል ግድያ አይኖርም፥፥ከህውሃት መሪዎች የበለጠ ባንዳ የለም ሌላውን ባንዳ ሲሉ ጥቂት እንኳ አይቀፋቸውም፤፤እርስበርሳቸው ሲሞጋገሱና ሲሸላለሙ ይውላሉ፤፤በትግራይ ስም ሌት ተቀን እየሸቀለ የሚያሳልፈው ፍቅረ ነዋይ እንቅልፍ የነሳው በትግራይ ደሃ ስም ከክብር ይልቅ ስምን የመረጠው ሌባው የአድዋ ማፊያ አቀንቃኝ ስታሊን (ዛራ ሚዲያ )እና መሰሎቹን የትግራይ ፍቅር እንደሚያነዳቸው ሀገር ወዳድ አስመስለው ጀግና ጀግና ሲጫወቱላቸው ይሰማሉ፤፤በነርሱ የጉራ ፉከራ ሙዚቃ ለሚዉገረጉ መጥኔ ይስጣቸው፥፥ይቆየን


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