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Funerals for civilians killed in Amhara Region of Ethiopia

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Fano combatants in Amhara region (Photo : SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – People in the conflict-hit areas of Amhara Region are mourning their dears who were killed during the recent combat held between the Ethiopian Federal Defense Force and Fanos. Following the fierce fighting in the Region, the government sources are saying that “relative peace” was restored in some places including the major towns like the Regional Capital, Bahir-Dar and the second largest town, Gonder. 

Various media outlets are reporting about funeral events being conducted in churches and other cemeteries in Amhara Region. Accordingly, churches in Bahir-Dar City have reportedly been inundated by many mourners who appeared around to bury their dears who were trapped by the clashes and lost their lives. Sources said that 20 bodies were buried at a churchyard in a single day in Bahir-Dar City yesterday 10 August 2023. 

Douche Wale, the Amharic Service said that Bahir-Dar City buried the dead who were killed at the battle, which was held between the National Defense Force and Fano. Witnesses who attended the funeral of the deceased told Douche Wale yesterday that many people were killed and injured in the fight between Fano and the Defense Force in Bahir-Dar City. 

The correspondent of Douche Wale in Ethiopia Alemnew Mekonnin reported that the funerals of those who died in the battle took place in different places yesterday, 10 August 2023. Residents of Bahir-Dar City told Douche Wale that most of the people who lost their lives have nothing to do with the war. The people also told Douche Wale that they saw about two thousand inmates leaving the famous prison cell in Bahir-Dar City. 


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