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Director General of Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders Centre calls for political tolerance 

Ethiopian _ human rights defenders
Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders Director General, Ato Yared Hailemariam (Photo : EHRD)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA  – (BORKENA) – “It is very sad and worrying that the document of peace agreement inked to put an end to the two-year war has not yet dried up, but we are now entering in to another round of bloody conflict in Amhara Region,” Director General of the Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders Centre, Yared Haile-Mariam said. 

“As a nation, as a government, our inability to learn from the mistakes and sufferings we faced yesterday has prevented us from getting out of the  cycle of conflict,” he said.

“Unless the government stops using power as an alternative to resolve domestic political conflicts and disagreements, and unless the political forces and opposition militants give a chance for peace talks, then we all will perish together,” Yared said.

After suffering the bloody war, the government or the nation had to work for lasting peace during the interval of peaceful time. This would have stabled the country, according to Yared

“But what is happening is quite the contrary. The government should mainly check the path it has taken to resolve conflicts. Unless the government officials are able to get out of their rigidity and enter into politics of tolerance, the country will enter into the worst humanitarian crisis and conflicts that will cause great carnage,” Yared said. 


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  1. Subject: “Director General of Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders Centre calls for political tolerance” August 5, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 5 Aug 2023
    a). I fully agree with the Honourable Director General.
    b). But — let us admit — the marauders, for their own agenda, will continue until Ethiopia is fractured into pieces.
    c). Ethiopia needs a thorough inherent cleaning, heading to its noble History– admired by so many.
    d). Less than that, Ethiopia is heading to oblivion
    e). No amount of coxing will help to bring Ethiopia to its natural ETHIOPIAN-NESS.
    f). The KEY is to have SINGULAR AIM to bring back ETHIOPIA to its natural LIVING. THE END


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