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High growth potential investments in Metekel Zone are allowed only for Party Members

Ashadly Hassen, president of Benishangul Gumuz regional state (Photo : file/public domain)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Sources say that participating in the high growth potential investment sector or getting other benefits from government offices seems to have been limited only for leaders and members of Prosperity Party in Metekel Zone of Benishangul-Gumuz Region.

Addis Maleda reported that any potential individual who needs to extract precious mineral resources, or others who ask to develop farmlands in the Zone, in Bullen Woreda in particular, should be members  of the ruling Prosperity Party.

One of the local residents told Addis Maleda on the basis of anonymity that any person with financial capacity and meets the requirements has the right to be involved in the investment sector. But this cannot be implemented in Bullen Wereda at this time. “When we forward requests to participate in the sector, they push us back by saying that they cannot accommodate us because we “are not party members”, he said.

The individual further said that even having and renewing ID cards at Kebele Offices in Metekel Zone requires membership of the ruling party. “It is difficult for people who do not support the ruling party to get access to services at government places,” he said.

The resident who was approached by Addis Maleda said that major investment areas are being taken by leaders of the Prosperity Party and their families. Areas in Bullen Woreda such as Massa, Dangura, Morra Matta and Kuye Kebeles, which are stuffed with precious minerals, have been inundated by party officials and their families. No other individuals but party guards are allowed to be involved in the sector, according to the news source.

Those who oppose this working system are sacked from their respective jobs. Six civil servants who raised questions on this in Bullen Woreda were fired from their jobs, Addis Maleda said.

The trend of benefiting only the party leadership and members has been worsening in all areas of the Region, according to Addis Maleda. 


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