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Council of Ministers agrees to declare state of emergency in Amhara Region

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From the office of the prime Minister page (resized)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Council of Ministers on Friday  unanimously  decided to declare a state of emergency in the Amhara Regio of Ethiopia.

A statement released by the Office of Prime Minister indicated  that the decisio informed by worsening situation in the Region. 

It further said  “illegal armed movement in Amhara Region” has reached a point where it cannot be reversed through the regular law enforcement system. The Council resolved to impose a  state of emergency.

The Council made public through a statement that whereas the illegal movement has greatly disrupted   overall economic and social activities in the Region and endangered the constitutional system, it has made significant efforts to take the necessary emergency measures to maintain public peace and order and to enforce law. 

The ever worsening threat to “national security and to public peace” has been considered in making  the decision by the Council, according to the statement. The statement also recalled that the government has offered repeated calls for peace so that all armed forces can pursue a peaceful and legal path.

The political, social and economic activities of the Region are being severely damaged due to the attacks being carried out by “armed extremist groups”, the statement said validating the significance of issuing the state of emergency.

It is to be recalled that the Amhara Regional Government requested the federal government to establish the necessary legal framework in accordance with the Federal Constitution and take appropriate action in the Region. 

Stating why it has requested the intervention of the federal government, the Regional Government said that the breach of security is causing great human, social and economic damage across the Region, and that it is difficult to control the situation through the regular law enforcement system. The office of the Prime Minister stated that that has made it necessary to declare a state of emergency as it has become difficult to control this outrageous activity based on the regular legal system.

The Prime Minister Office indicated  that the state of emergency was declared as per Article 93 number (1) of the Federal Constitution. The article stipulates that the “Council of Ministers of the Federal Government shall have the power to decree a state of emergency should an external invasion, a breakdown of law and order which endangers the constitutional order and which cannot be controlled by the regular law enforcement agencies and personnel, a natural disaster, or an epidemic occur”.

The same article but number (3) of the Constitution stipulates that “a state of emergency decreed by the Council of Ministers, if approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives, can remain in effect up to six months. The House of Peoples’ Representatives may, by a two-thirds majority vote, allow the state of emergency proclamation to be renewed every four months successively”. 

Article 93 (2-a) of the Constitution also stipulates that “if not approved by a two-thirds majority vote of members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, shall be repealed forthwith”. 


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  1. STOP STOP STOP the bloodshed and save your people and your infrastructure and solve the rift getting around the table STOP STOP STOP the bloodshed and save your people and your infrastructure and solve the rift getting around the table

    Please refrain from pushing innocent, welcoming Amhara people into never-ending conflicts.

    Learn from previous conflicts; there are no gains without losses. Hence, do not encourage youngsters into fire! In the past 3 years, activists have constantly deceived the population as if soldiers controlled a town without causing bloodshed or loss, and eventually the population started to know the deaths of millions of lives and their family members. The same story and situation will be repeated in the case of the civil war in Amhara. It is better to stop it now to save priceless lives and the destruction of infrastructure that can’t be repaired within a decade, even if you can secure money. This is to say that the civil war will not only result in the deaths of countless civilians and the demolition of infrastructure, but it will also complicate the lives of the next generation to come and those who are in the early stages of their existence in this sinful world. STOP STOP STOP the bloodshed and save your people and your infrastructure and solve the rift getting around the table It is not to late !!!!!

  2. Amharas lives have suffered for 50 years and mistreated consecetively by three ruthless blood thirsty regimes in the name of government.

    Prisons, and hidden places are filled with innocent Amharas simply because they are ethnic Amharas

    In broad day lights their homes get demolished girls kiddnapped and disappeared, looted, massacred and jocked at their slaughtere by Abiy Ahmed by planting trees to pay sacrifaces to his god.

    This lthe argest and noble people suffering for many and continious years by Derg, EPRDF and now by OLF made Amhara to say Enough.


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