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Ethiopian investors buying their own farmland from invading Sudanese soldiers

Ethiopian Investors _ Methema
Google map of Ethio-Sudanese border

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – In a situation where the Sudanese soldiers are still in control of the Ethiopian sovereign territory known as Guang (Alfashga) around Metema Woreda in West Gondar Zone of Amhara Region, the Ethiopian investors who were forcefully displaced from their locality have bought their own farmland, which they had been snatched by the invading Sudanese Force, the Peace and Security Department of the West Gondar Zone told Addis Maleda.

Addis Maleda said quoting its sources that potential investors in the area are cultivating the land by repossessing it back on purchase from the Sudanese soldiers. However, those who can’t afford to procure back their farmland have been displaced from the area, according to Addis Maleda.

Head of the Conflict, Religious and Faith Affairs Section with the Peace and Security Department of the West Gondar Zone, Yonas Gadissa, said that the area has been under the control of the Sudanese soldiers since their invasion of the Ethiopian territory in 2021.

The official further said that the Sudanese soldiers who are in control of the sovereign territory of Ethiopia are armed with mechanised heavy weapons. Yonas said that no attempt was made to chase the soldiers out of the area as the Federal Government said they should leave the issue to its care. “ We will deal with it. You don’t need to reach them,” was the response given by the Federal Government, according to Yonas Gadissa. 


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  1. In an unrelated news USGS has been reporting continuous earthquake in Eritrea for the last two days. One of them around 5.5 on the Richter scale. I hope our Eritrean brothers and sisters are not physically harmed by the tremors. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia are situated not too far from the Arabian tectonic plate which is always active moving northward.


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