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Eight people killed in an attack occurred in Gurage Zone

Wolkite _ Gurage zone _ Ethiopia
Wolkite town, seat of Gurage zone administration (Photo : Social Media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Gogot for Guraghe Unity and Justice disclosed that eight people were killed in an attack perpetrated in Dida Kebele, East Meskan Woreda, Guraghe Zone of South Region, sources said.

The Party said here that 18 people were killed in the recent conflict that occurred in East Meskan and Merekan Weredas of the Zone within just 10 days.

The fact that the South Regional Government, the Gurage Zone and the Woreda administrations have not said anything regarding the bloody attack shows that the Guraghe people are without leaders, the party said.

The party has requested that the government leadership should be asked what measures it had taken regarding the attack, and those officials who have not been able to safeguard  the security in Gurage Zone should also be held accountable. Gogot has also forwarded its demand for the deployment of an independent security force in the area.

 ‘Gogot’ is a Guraghe word taken from the name of a special place, which was used as a convening site where Guraghe elderly Fathers got together to make promise to protect themselves from the problem of disintegration occurred in the 18th century. The new party was named after the place ‘Gogot’ with the aim of protecting Guraghes from a similar threat of disintegration hovering over them, Deputy Head of Gogot Party office, Melaku Sahille said some four months back. 


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