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Farmers beaten by officials for requesting receipts after settling tax payments

Farmers _ Jimma _ Ethiopia
Borcho Deka Kebele, Gera Woreda, Jimma Zone, is marked in the google map

By Staff Reporter 

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Wereda government officials and security forces flogged farmers who requested receipts after settling due taxes in Borcho Deka Kebele, Gera Woreda, Jimma Zone of Oromia Region, sources said.

Addis Maleda reported here yesterday 28 July 2023 that four farmers paid the legal tax but when they asked for receipts, there was no one who could respond to their request positively. So, what they did was to file complaints to the concerned body, according to Addis Maleda.

Though the farmers followed the legal procedure and submitted their complaints, the Woreda leaders and security forces kept quiet and called for an emergency meeting of the local community on July 25/2015 and utilised the forum for public flogging. The farmers who requested receipts received beating and human rights violations by administrative officials that were supposed to give service to the public.

Head of the Woreda Security Office, Dinqa Abaoli, stripped nude an elderly man of the four farmers in front of the gathered people. The Organizing Head of the Woreda Prosperity Party Office, Awol Jihad, also ordered the two young farmers to kneel down on the ground before the people, and when one of the two young men refused to do so, the official  beat him, the eyewitnesses said.

Stating that the farmers were thrown into prison, the residents voiced demands that those who committed this heinous act be brought to justice immediately and that the arrested farmers be released.

Governor of Geran Woreda, Hawi Saeed confirmed to Addis Maleda about the incident and expressed sadness over the act.

Hawi further said that the individuals who committed the act do not represent the Woreda and the Oromo people and the act is unethical. He said that action would be taken against the Woreda officials and security forces who committed the crime. 


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  1. Wow there is your 16 th century, defunct Gedda culture in 21st century Ethiopia, in so called oromia zone.

    አባ ገዳዮቹ የገዳ ስርዐት ብለው የሚመፃደቁበትንና በ16 ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን evolution አሃክ እንትፍ ብሎ የተፋውን ሁዋላ ቀር አይ ቆይ እንዲያውም ወሮበላው የኦሮሚያ ክልል ፕሬዝደንት ተብዬው እንዳላዘነው ” ቆሞ ቀር” የአኗኗር ዘይቤ እንዲህ ለማየት መብቃታችን የሚያሳዝን ነው::

    የአፈርሳታ ወይንም አውጫጭኝ ባህል ክግዜው ጋር የማይሄድ criminology, forensic science ባሉበት 21 ክፍለ ዘመን በአማራውም ሆነ ሌላ ማህበረሰብ ሁሉ ተቀባይነት እንዴለለው የኦሮሙማው ሊቀደናቁርት ይቅርታ: pardon my French, ማለቴ የኦሮሙማው ልሂቃን በአንክሮ መረዳት ያለባቸው የገዳ ስርዐቱንም it is high time to put it back on the dust covered library shelves. እዛው እነበረበት ቦታ ላይ ወመዘክር ወይንም አብርሆት library ገዳ ስርዐት የሚለው ቦታ ጋራ ብዙ አቧራ ሳታስነሱ ቁጭ አድጉዋት::

    የብልፅግናው ፓርቲ አፈላጤና ተላላኪ አስመሳይ ካድሬ ዳንኤል ክብረት ከፈለገ ቁጭ ብሎ ያንብበውና እንደለመደው ዲስኩሩን ይደስኩርበት::

    Average Ethiopian has to work, pay taxes and feed the beast I.e. the abiy regime.

    ከፍዬ ነበረ በወቅቱ ታክሴን:
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    እነነውር አያውቄ ሰው አይሏቸው አውሬ!!!!!

  2. The brigand, the malefactor, the one at the office with sticky hands or whatever he is qualified for is like ‘What receipt? You paid what you owed me. Why do you think I used to call myself a liberation front? You think that was just for fun? You paid the debt you owed me and that’s all to it. Shut up and take this lashing stick back with you. And if you tell that to Borkena assume your children going orphans in a jiffy’


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