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Is Getachew Reda playing the role of Prime Minister or President?

Getachew Reda _ tigray _ Role
Getachew Reda (from social media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDISABABA – (BORKENA) – The Interim President of Tigray Regional State, Getachew Reda travelled to the USA and held discussions with certain Congress members who supported Tigray People’s Liberation Front during the recent war it had with the Federal Government. Yes, some Congressmen fully and blindly supported the aggressive moves of TPLF. Their affiliation with the Front that picked quarrel deliberately with the neighbouring states was regarded by many as a biassed move. In fact, Getachew has testified to this fact saying that these congressmen were “promoting the cause of the people of Tigray over the last three years.” By the way, what is the cause of the people of Tigray?

The broad mass of Ethiopia heard that Getachew had dealings with members of the congress about the “resumption of aid to the needy in Ethiopia including those in Tigray”. This is the only piece of information we are supposed to munch on by picking from Getachew’s Twitter account.

Many things are roaming in our mind. Getachew is an Interim President of Tigray Region. It is alright if he pleaded with his bosses in USA about what he calls “humanitarian aid”. By the way, nothing has been said if there was anything else he had discussed with those old congressmen. What we are surprised about here is if it is constitutional to act as a figure representing the bigger Federal Government?  I mean, to the best of my belief, Getachew is there representing the region to talk about “anything” (?) in connection with Tigray. Then, is it his mandate to act as if he was a prime minister? Or is it possible to play a real role of a Federal Official who represents one of the ministerial offices? 

The other thing is… how is this “we are the vulnerable” type of campaign, which is coming from that part of the country, regarded?  Firstly, who unleashed the war? The “hundreds of thousands of IDPs” thing in Tigray… Aren’t there more TPLF-orchestrated attacks, killings and displacements in Amhara and Afar? Who perpetrated the heavy casualties in Amhara and Afar Regions? Who is behind all this chaos in this country?

Why does the Federal Government keep quiet when such unconstitutional acts and lawlessness are being promoted under the leadership of those old party guards? What does it mean by “emphasising the need for independence…”? Should this be ignored by the mere consideration of a slip of the tongue thing? Does the Federal Government tolerate such pomposity if it comes from the administrators of other regions like Amhara, Afar, Sidama…? Or is this idea of “secession” supported by the officials of the Federal Government? Shouldn’t there be a reaction by the Central Government when such illegal and irresponsible moves are observed?


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  1. Humble Curiosity

    Subject: The name “Getachew Reda”

    a). Is it Tigrayan name or Amharic name ?

    b). Just curious — not important, really

    c). In any case, one hopes that there will be amicable understanding between Tigray and Ethiopia in totality.

    d). The common person will NOT gain an iota of any thing, involved in the conflicts between ambitious individuals

    e). Think about it, Dear Commoners. Good Luck

  2. The issue regarding who won the war was settled on the battlefield fair and square. There is nothing those who used to be madly in love with those who used to dominate the EPRDF regime ruling that country until 2018 can do to reverse the crushing defeat of their sweetheart. This professor at Tufts who hates even the word Ethiopia with passion once told us in 2020 when his bosom buddies were threatening to march into the capital Addis/Finfine, that the war tactics they used should be in the warfare textbooks of Western military academies like The West Point and Sandhurst. Boy did he eat his crow whole on that one? We have to remember that those noble people of Tigray have now coming to a conclusion that there should be wars no more. I don’t see any big deal with Obbo Getachew’s trip to the USA. May be his trip here can lead to the freeing up the loot of billions hoarded up here in intricate accounts. Those noble people in Tigray need it so badly to take them out utter destruction and destitution.

  3. Dear genius Staff Reporters, big reverence and greetings to you all
    bow down before you !!

    The majority of people enjoy your website, but this week you have been writing garbage, gibberish, and bullshit that you made up with some idiot oromos and amhara who love to hate TPLF in a restaurant or Starbucks. No one can locate satisfactory professional writing, reporting, and presentation skills that are supported by evidence. It is all fiction and displays the idiosyncrasies of your persona, which is devoid of both professionalism and human qualities. Please go to a health center; if you can’t find one close, someone may be able to assist you. You experience TPLF’s spectral presence day and night and are experiencing extreme daydreaming. RIP, paranoid paranormal reporters and editors of Borkena and Zehabesha!

    PLease delete this comment as it is not embarrassing fo your reputation. RIP RIP RIP Borkena blog-stinking now

  4. If some fools and cowards think that the Tigray forces are defeated. they are the ones who are ignorant of the glorious history of Tigray. The Eritrean intervention has changed the military situation and the Tigray forces under the corrupt and incompetent leadership of the TPLF have made tactical retreats. The US being aware of the counter offensive the Tigrayan forces will launch, pressurized the Tigray government to negotiate peace with the government of Abiy Ahmed. The US wanted to save the Abiy Ahmed government from defeat and collapse.

  5. ይሄ ነገር ግን በኤርትራውያን የተፃፈ ይመስላል ምክንያቱም ሁሌ የሚያስቡት እና የሚመኙት የትግራይን ውድቀት ነው።የሚያሳዝነው የኣማራ ፖለቲከኞች የነሱ ገረድ መሆናቸው ነው።


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