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A clash between Defense force, Fano claimed civilian lives in Chuahit – Dembiya district

Chuahit _ Gorgora _ Denbiya
Chuahit, where the incident happened in Denbiya, gorgora, is indicated in the google map of the region.

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Unidentified number of people, including civilians, were killed in a clash ignited between government security forces and “Fano”  in a Town known by the name ​​Chuahit in Central Gonder Zone, Dembiya Wereda of Amara Region, West Dembia Wereda Council disclosed in a statement it released last evening, sources said.

The Council said in its statement that senior leaders of the North-West Command Force were “attacked by armed militants” while they were heading to visit the “Dine for Ethiopia” project under execution in Gorgora Town. 

The Wereda Administration said in the statement it released  on its Facebook page that it was the armed militants that did not understand the issue that caused roads blockage, harassment of the National Defence Forces. This resulted in the deadly attack in which people were killed and physical injuries were sustained.

The Council did not list out the number of people who died or injured in the conflict. Voice of America spoke to armed individuals, or “Fanos” who confirmed that civilians were killed and injured in the conflict.

Mulugeta who identified himself as member of Fano, told VoA Amharic Service that the conflict was triggered following the slaughter of cattle on a fasting day, Wednesday, in connection with the “Dine for Ethiopia” project in the area where a monastery is located. This has become a cause for the local people to protest.

The bloody conflict has caused the closure of the road that connects Gondar Town with Gorgora, Mulugeta said.

In a similar development other media sources reported that it was the Defence Force, which fired directly to the people who protested against the slaughtering of cattle in violation of the religion and culture of the community in the area. Anchor Media reported quoting an eye witness that members of the Defence Force started firing at the peaceful civilians who gathered in the spot during the protest. The soldiers feared that there might be serious clashes that could harm officials who happened to be in the area for an event, according to the source of Anchor media. 

The attempt made to include views of local and regional officials was not successful as the telephone call was not answered, VoA said. 


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