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Surprised attack against security forces in Merhabete Town, North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – There was an attack perpetrated against members of the Defense Forces in Alem Town,  Merhabete Woreda, North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region, last Friday, July 21, 2023, sources said.

Addis Maleda reported quoting Town residents that unarmed members of the defense forces engaged in sport exercises while they were caught up with the unexpected attack at around 6:00 a.m. 

Addis Maleda said that following the attack an unidentified number of army members were killed and wounded

A resident of the city told Addis Maleda on condition of anonymity that five to 15 members of the army had been killed.

 Members of the defense forces opened fire in retaliation against Fano members using heavy weaponries and over three Fano members were killed, according to the residents in the area.

After an exchange of fire between the Defense Forces and Fano members that lasted for an hour, Fano members are said to have fled the area.

Sources said that members of the defense forces that have camped at Merhabete Primary School in a place called Gemshu, near Alem Town are in serious disputes with Fano members who are widely active in the area.

Earlier, there was reportedly frequent exchange of fire between the two forces in the area.

Regional administration and the federal government have been engaged in a law enforcement campaign saying that there are allegedly forces operating illegally in the Amhara region.

Following this, battles are taking place between the security forces and Fano militants in various parts of the region with regular death casualties of government leaders, members of the security forces and innocent people.

Meanwhile, three policemen and three militiamen including six government security forces and one resident were killed in a shootout conducted between the government security forces and Fano militants in Maksegnit Town, 30 kilometers from Gondar Town last Wednesday, 19 July 2023. 


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