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Roads blocked following erupted protest in Guji, Negele-Borena 

Borena Guji Protest
Protest in Guji area has been going on for over a month now. (Photo : screenshot from Anchor Media video)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Amidst the big protest in connection with opposition to the restructuring of the new East Borena Zone, roads  leading to towns in Negele-Borena have been closed, sources said.

Addis Maleda reported quoting residents that due to the road closure vehicles have not been able to head to the town of Negele-Borena. The only alternative routes to reach there, according to the news source, are the ones that are connecting Negele to Bale and Moyale.

Addis Maleda indicated that vehicles that were trying to take the usual route were destroyed and set alight. This has reportedly worsened. So far, over eight vehicles were burnt by unknown individuals, according to the news source.

Eye witnesses told Addis Maleda that “the roads are blocked by unidentified bodies that seem to have special missions”. They close the road at night and the security forces open it back at day break, the residents of the area said.

Drivers have stopped using the main road for weeks due to the security issue. The situation in the last three days has made movements very difficult, they said, adding that government officials are moving in the area with escort by the security forces.

Woredas like Wadera, Gordolla, including Harerfema are in a serious security threat. Due to this the business activities in the area have reportedly gone stagnant.

Communication Department Head of East Borena Zone, Messay Tibebu who was contacted by Addis Maleda confirmed that vehicles “are being set alight” in various places particularly in a locality known as  Kiliwe in Gorro Dolla Woreda. Messay said that investigation is underway to identify who committed the crime.

He said that this time the road is open but taking into account the security concern, people can use alternative routes. “Our Zone is working, along with security forces, to bring about lasting peace in the area,” Messay said.

He said that the Zone was restructured based on public demands of good governance and close availability of economic and service resources. “This is significant to respond to the development demands of our people,” Messay elaborated.

“There are a few individuals, including government bodies that oppose the new Zonal restructuring. But it is absolutely wrong to forward the opposition as if it were public demands,” Messay said

Messay said at length that preparations are underway to hold discussions with different sections of the community on the advantages of the new restructuring of the Zonal administration.


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