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Beneath the Surface: The Unseen Struggles of Ethiopia in the Grasp of Mafia-Style Theft

Ethiopia  Lawlessness _ abiy regime
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during what he called “law enforcement operation in Tigray” (Photo : file/public domain)

(Essayias Lesanu)

In the heart of Ethiopia, amidst the bustling city of Addis Ababa, a sorrowful tale unfolds – one that serves as a poignant inspiration for this article. It revolves around my dear friend, burdened with the weight of sorrow, as he embarked on a poignant journey to bid farewell to a beloved close relative who had departed from this world.

With heavy hearts and tear-streaked faces, my friend and his family sought solace and closure in the sacred grounds of Debre Libanos, a place meant to offer respite and solace in times of grief. However, the fates had a cruel twist in store for them – as they approached the hallowed sanctum of their cherished one’s final resting place, they were met not with tranquility but with an unforgiving reality.

A menacing grip of gangsters and lawlessness, like shadowy phantoms lurking in the shadows, barred their path and rendered the sacred rites for their loved ones an unattainable privilege. In that heart-wrenching moment, the essence of their humanity – the right to grieve, to find solace, and to seek closure through ancient rituals of farewell – was snatched away by the malevolence of the times.

The agony my friend and his family endured on that sorrowful day echoes across the nation, serving as an emblem of the dire state of affairs in Ethiopia. It is a haunting reminder that the fabric of society, once woven with threads of unity and compassion, now unravels under the weight of lawlessness and chaos.

As I reflect upon this heartrending story, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to draw attention to the plight of Ethiopia. This nation, once a beacon of hope and promise, now stands at a crossroads, grappling with a crisis that threatens to devour the very soul of its society.

As the nation mourns the loss of its collective sense of security, the government’s role in this unraveling tragedy demands careful scrutiny. The deafening silence from the corridors of power only fuels suspicions that the rot may run deeper, and that the echoes of lawlessness find resonance in the highest echelons of authority.

Ethiopia’s challenges transcend mere governance and require a deeper introspection into the underlying issues of division and discord. There are those who believe that the government’s policies have inadvertently sown the seeds of unrest, exploiting ethnic fault lines for political gain. Such a precarious strategy has only served to exacerbate tensions and fracture the nation’s unity.

Where once a beacon of security stood tall, the pillars of Ethiopia’s trust have been undermined, and the very fabric of societal harmony frayed. Kidnappings, abductions, and unabashed robberies have become the norm, inflicting unimaginable anguish upon countless families across the nation.

The guardians of order, entrusted with safeguarding the welfare of the people, now appear to bend their will to the desires of the powerful elite, leaving the masses bereft of protection and at the mercy of miscreants. The harrowing truth that Ethiopia’s streets are no longer a sanctuary, but a battleground for survival, reverberates through the hills and valleys of this once-great land.

History weaves a chilling tapestry, its threads interwoven with the trials of nations that have succumbed to similar tempestuous trials. Somalia, a poignant example of the ravages of unchecked anarchy, stands as a stark reminder of the perils that befall a state weakened by criminal syndicates.

In a world where the ability to bid a dignified goodbye to a departed loved one is a sacred human right, Ethiopia’s descent into anarchy casts a long, dark shadow. The very essence of humanity – the sanctity of life and death – is eclipsed by the malevolent forces that have taken hold.

The story of my friend’s futile journey to say a final goodbye is a testament to the critical juncture Ethiopia finds itself in today. The sanctity of life, the right to mourn, and the freedom to find closure have all been compromised by the tendrils of lawlessness, threatening to ensnare the very soul of the nation.

Yet, amidst the darkness, there are glimmers of hope – the unwavering resilience of the Ethiopian people, their unyielding spirit in the face of adversity, and their fervent desire for a nation where peace and harmony prevail.

In honoring the memory of those who have suffered at the hands of lawlessness, we must collectively rise to confront the challenges that threaten Ethiopia’s very essence. It is not just the story of one individual’s loss but the narrative of an entire nation striving to reclaim its rightful place as a beacon of hope and progress.

Let us be driven by the courage and resilience displayed by my friend, who despite the hardships, sought solace for his departed loved one. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with Ethiopia, empowering its people to rebuild the foundations of peace and justice.

In this collective endeavor, the legacy of my friend’s sorrowful journey will transcend the confines of personal grief and become a catalyst for transformation. Together, we can breathe life into Ethiopia’s elegy, transforming it into a symphony of hope and renewal, where the echoes of lawlessness yield to the triumphant chorus of a nation rising above its trials and tribulations.

As the Abiy regime clings to its position of authority, its reluctance to acknowledge and confront this escalating crisis raises troubling questions. Is the government turning a blind eye to the plight of its citizens, allowing the flames of anarchy to engulf the nation? Are political ambitions and vested interests overshadowing the responsibility to safeguard the well-being and safety of its people?

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