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Ethiopia to demolish another ancient mansion built 125 years back

Ras Kebede Mengesha House _ Ethiopia
Ras Kebede Mengesha’s house was built more than 125 years ago (Photo : from the web)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – House built some 125 years ago and registered as one of the national heritages is to be demolished, sources said.

The age old house possessed by Ras Kebede Mengesha Atikem was built in 1898 during the reign of the then Ethiopian Emperor, Menelik II. 

The big old mansion, located in front of Bole Printing House, was registered as a heritage and is currently used as the office and gallery of the Ethiopian Heritage Trustee Association (EHTA).

The Ethiopian Heritage Trustee Association, which was established 30 years back received the ancient house from the Kebele Administration. Then many households established their residence in the ancient mansion. With the good intention of the Kebele Administration, EHTA paid compensation for the residents who had been sheltered in the ancient mansion. Then after, the Association renovated the ancient mansion by preserving the heritage properly and started utilizing it as its office and gallery.

Now the story seems to be altered. Housing Corporation is compelling the EHTA to abandon the ancient heritage, built 125 years ago by Ras Kebede Mengesha Atikem and clear out of the mansion. It is a sad incident that “we are under pressure to leave the heritage mansion,” EHTA lamented.

EHTA established a natural park on 1,300 hectares of land at Entoto for the purpose of environmental protection and have been planting indigenous trees for the last 28 years in the area, which is now serving as a breath of fresh air for Addis Ababa. In its activities being undertaken out of Addis Ababa EHTA is designing and working on a project to restore the natural resource development in Ankober, which was damaged during the war.

Ethiopian Heritage Trustee Association, non-governmental indigenous organization, was established in 1993 with branches located in various towns. EHTA has played its role for three decades to the preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritages so that they can be passed on to the next generation.  

EHTA is now calling on all members, caretakers and patriotic citizens to stand by its side and be its voice.

“He who has heritage has history”, EHTA says.

It is to be recalled that an ancient mansions of Dejazmach Amde Kassa, Ras Abebe Aregay and Dejazmatch Asfaw Kebede including the old building commonly known as Anbessa Pharmacy located between Churchill Square and Paisa, among others, were demolished in a not more than five years period. 


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  1. It is the regime’s deliberation to destroy heritages. Oromuma wants to erase all sorts of memories in order to establish its hegemony on the scratch. Heritage destruction in this regime is not limited to mansions. Literature resources, symbols, performing arts, oral traditions and movable artifacts including religious relics are targets of elimination. The look of “New Ethiopia” is already told by Oromuma officials several times. Yet, the public is in a deep sleep. “አዲሲቷ ኢትዮጵያ እንደገና እኛን መስላ ትሰራለች” – is a repeatedly announced pp program. How did you anticipate its implementation? To make an old country new, obviously has malevolent alterations that could be disguised by “renewing intervention”.
    Anyway, expect more, and worse. I feel so sad as a curator of cultural heritage, knowing the details & lacking the means to awake people for protecting heritages.

    • Exactly this governing force got a vision of altering into all the old Ethiopian culture and norms into a new state this can only be done through eradicating the existing cultures and norms the oromuma government appears e
      Hostile for Ethiopian orthodox church as the majority of the countries heritages are held under this religion. hence I believe they are disseminating the Heritage as a result of the useless feelings they have as their contribution in the country is so low as compared to the Amhara and the Tigrian ethnic groups. And destroying a public Heritage property is so wrong and will only lead to civil war

  2. oromumma thugs fighting with history and the Great Emperor Menilik. Ah inferiority complex has no cure. In the developed world cultural heritages and unique historical artifacts are national treasures around which tourism and travel are built.

    Just keep a detailed video and digital picture database. It can always be reconstructed after these vagabonds and murderers are expelled from Addis Ababa for good. They do not belong there anyway; they were not born there, did not grow up there and do not represent Addis Ababans in any sense at all. Just take a hike with solid kick on your sorry behinds from every patriotic Ethiopian.

  3. The whole purpose of demolishing national historic buildings, mansions and significant heritage monuments is to gradually destroy the legacy and the history of the sacred land of ETHIOPIA.

  4. The whole purpose of demolishing national historic buildings, mansions and significant heritage monuments is to gradually destroy the legacy and the history of the sacred land of ETHIOPIA.

  5. Those actors who are behind the demolition may hate Menelik and his heritage . Their hatred is based on superficial biased Facebook knowledge about this black icon, recognized globally by all clear minded individuals irrespective of religion ,race,sex etc.
    But please allow me to inform you one thing. A civilized and cultured person does not demolish an artifact however much he/she has hatred against it.
    Let me give you one example. When the communist East Germany and West Germany reunited some decades ago the West German administration which had thexupper hand in all perspectives did not touch the Communist heritages of East Germany ,be it statues of Karl Marx.Friedrich Angels, the communist Party’s head quarters, etc. To the contrary they preserved them although the current unified administration was a bitter enemy of communism.
    History is history!
    Failing to do this is simply another manifestation
    od ignorance and irresponsibility!!!

  6. Numerous antique manscrupts, churches, and mosques were destroyed, torched, plundered, and sold by Fannos.

    Fannos continues to desecrate several sacred treasures, and he collaborated with anti-orthodox Eritreans and Somalians to slaughter priests and Orthodox Church of Tigray members who were in attendance at holy mass.

    All bishops of the Amhara Fano must step down. A bishop, priest, monk, or any other member of the clergy who authorized, contributed to, or emotionally supported a genocide or murder committed against even a single person is not eligible to administer holy sacraments, bestow blessings, or be titled an ordained priest or bishop.

    This is not propaganda-based rhetoric, but DOCUMNTED RELIGIOUS LAW. Simply take a look at it and see if you can find a way to square all of those religious teachings or canonical scriptures with the arguments put out by those genocidal fanatic bishops.Additionally, the law is impartial, not based on nationality, ethnicity, or any other affinity, and it applies to all churchgoers. Additionally, when found to be corrupted and to have committed a sinful act, bishops and priests are subject to canonical rules.Canonical laws’ impersonal nature assures that all Church members, including those in hierarchical order, are held to the same norms and punished for violations in the same ways.

    Amhara bishops are imposters who don’t care about church law and covertly exploit it as an excuse to further their own economic goals by distancing clergy from Oromos and Tigrayan communities.

    Fanno, criminal organization sponsored by mafia in US, must be stopped as soon as possible before turning the state upside down. OLA shall set ethiopians free from PP and Fannos-Chameleons & shabiya shint cherkoch.

  7. All the current government want to do is destroying the ancent history which is not limited to the buildings. And to say its us who did every thing and all the formers do nothing useful. Which is petty and heart breaking. At list we can witness and identity historic craziness happaning but what aboit the next generetion? ??

  8. The probable motive of revisionist history and the short sightedness aside, the main cause behind the push forc demolition work spree have something to with land speculators and the greedy realtors working in tendem with tthe corrupt government bureaucrats and city admin since the said properties are located in the downtown urban core of prime land . The trend still remaines unabated since the previous currupt regime of TPLF lead started land speculatimg, selling confiscating and evicting citizens from their homes and neighborhood’s with little or no compensation lscheme in place for the dwellers and property owners

  9. What use is ranting lke this poor kids above lamenting Fano, Amhara bishops, shabiya and glorifying OLA……bla bla bla.
    The main issue is to Know, then Organize, then Fight. all else is waste of emotions (and some of you have very little of it, especially insecure ones)

    • mr Observer , fanno cyber commander

      you stink like fanno murderer

      borkena post your comments because you pay them money to boost their website of misinfomation , and hate speech against Oromo and Tigray


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