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15 innocent civilians killed by militants in July 2023 alone in Gambella Region

Ethiopia Gambella region
Omod Ujulu, president of Gambella region (Photo : file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Addis Maleda reported yesterday quoting eye witnesses that 15 people were killed in July alone in the attacks carried out by militants in the Agnwak ethnic Zone of Gambella Region.

Residents of the area told Addis Maleda that the attackers were Murle tribesmen who entered Dima Woreda from neighboring South Sudan. They said that the assaults have been intensified starting from early July 2023.

Apart from killing the local residents, the Murle tribe militants crossed over into the region from South Sudan and burned down residential houses and looted livestock.

Not only places in Anuak Zone, but also other Weredas situated in Itang localities have been attacked by the militants, according to information obtained from eye witnesses. They further said that two innocent people were killed during the attack perpetrated by the militants in Itang Woreda last May.

Last Thursday 13 July 2023 unidentified number of innocent people were gunned down in an attack carried out by the militants on a public bus that was traveling from Itang Woreda to Gambella Town, the eye witnesses told Addis Maleda.

Residents are expressing concern over the danger perpetrated by the bandits operating under different names in the area, particularly in Dima Woreda, which is bordered by Gura Ferada and Surma Woredas of South Sudan and South West Ethiopian People’s Region, according to the news source.

The May 22, 2023 assault carried out by Nuer ethnic groups reportedly killed three people from the Agnwak ethnic zone. Following this incident, tension is simmering between Agnwak and Nuer ethnic groups in the Region.

Not long after this, the residents of the area have been evacuated and flooding into the Regional capital, Gambella.

The residents said that other militants that are active in Nuer and Agnwak ethnic zones are currently killing innocent people, looting and burning properties.

The repeated call forwarded to Gambella Regional Peace and Security Office by Addis Maleda was not answered.


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