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 Dr. Abiy Ahmed: His Ego is the Enemy

Tewodros Gezhagn - Abiy article
Tewodros Gezhagn

By : Tewodros G. (PhD.)

Ego , defined as one’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance, can either be a trait that pushes one to strive for greatness or be a person’s ultimate downfall. When it comes to Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, his unchecked ego seems to be more of the latter. Despite having a number of accomplishments such as winning a Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Abiy’s inability to listen to experts, desire to excel in multiple fields, and consistently putting himself on center stage has caused him much trouble as a leader.

Mr. Know-It-All:

Abiy Ahmed has a reputation for dismissing the advice and expertise of others. He often takes the role of “Mr. Know-it-all,” diving into projects and situations without considering the realities or nuances involved. This has led to many initiatives being started with much enthusiasm, only to be left incomplete and unaccomplished. As a result, the country’s main projects remain in its infancy, with no progress made in the past five years. 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

Dr. Abiy displays conflicting personas of a peace ambassador on one hand, and a terminator on the other. Though he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he later led his country into a war in Tigray, where he took on a starring role. Additionally, he mobilized Amhara “Fano” and “special forces” to fight in the war, only to later label them as illegal forces and engage them in further conflict. This contradictory behavior has only worsened his leadership credibility.

Purging Talent:

Dr. Abiy’s ego has also led to the dismissal of talented individuals who hold popular support or critical expertise. By removing officials who may outshine him, he has further weakened his administration and failed to utilize the strengths of these individuals for the benefit of the country.

Preaching to the Experts:

One of the most striking manifestations of Dr. Abiy’s ego is his tendency to lecture professionals on topics within their areas of expertise. He has spoken about medicine to medical doctors, given a presentation on warfare to military generals, discussed religion with religious leaders, and more. This tendency to dominate conversations and neglect others’ expertise reflects a propensity to always be the center of attention.


Overall, Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s ego has driven a wedge between him and the people of Ethiopia. It has led to the dismissal of invaluable talent, stalled progress in important endeavors, and contributed to a chaotic leadership style. If Dr. Abiy wants to truly lead Ethiopia towards a brighter future, it is essential that he reigns in his ego and starts listening to the experts around him. The stakes are high, and Ethiopia deserves a leader who is humble enough to recognize when he does not know everything and to learn from the valuable resources at his disposal.

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  1. Why are most PhDs who post on Borkena, Zehabesha, etc. DEVOID of Common Sense?

    So much for TPLF’s “≥10% economic growth for >2 decades, GERD’s 75% completion, etc.” crap! How did Ethiopia accumulate so much debt under TPLF’s 27-year reign? Why has even TPLF’s Tigray been starving & receiving FOOD AID for >40 years?

    1). Abiy Saved Ethiopia from Collapse & Averted TPLF’s Swift Return to Power:

    i). Dec. 5, 2011 GFI Report: [TPLF looted Ethiopia ≈$12 billion from 2000-2009 alone]. How much more did the TPLF loot till 2018?

    ii). When Abiy took over in 2018, TPLF looted Ethiopia so bone-dry that there wasn’t even a one-month salary to pay government employees (GE)? That was TPLF’s Strategy to stage a swift comeback: Trigger GE Strike →Government Collapse →TPLF’s Return.

    iii). Abiy jumped onboard the sinking Ethiopia rocked by Ethiopia-Wide Ethnic Riots, got $1 billion from UAE’s Prince MBZ, kept Ethiopia afloat, and kept TPLF at bay, too!

    2). Fanno: Fannos are Volunteer Patriots! They serve as the Ethiopian Army’s (EA) BACKUP! They serve ONLY when the EA needs them. Those who decorate themselves in Ethiopia’s flag, wear the Amara Hat, and BLEED Ethiopia are BANDAS/TRAITORS!

    3). You wrote: “the country’s main projects remain in ‘its’ infancy, with no progress made in the past five years…”

    i). Didn’t Egypt & TPLF’s WSW* Patrons cancel loan/aid/AGOA/etc., devalue the Birr drastically, impose embargo/sanctions/travel/etc., to support the TPLF?

    ii). Didn’t the TPLF plunge Ethiopia in to a two-year war with support from Egypt & its WSW Patrons? Didn’t the TPLF loot ≥30 CBE Banks in Tigray alone? X? Y? Z? …

    iii). Didn’t the TPLF destroy infrastructure/hospitals/schools/industries/telecom/electric, loot farmers (flour, cattle, money, etc.), burn crops/homes…? Restoring takes mone$$$?

    WSW*: White Supremacist West

  2. Dr. Tewodros, which of your ‘invaluable talent’ has done an iota of what Abiy has done for Ethiopia in ≤5 years?

    I). Former Tyrant Regimes’ ≥50-Year Rap Sheet: They made Ethiopia synonymous with “World’s Poster Child of Poverty & Famine.” Do these Famine-Appeal songs ring a bell?

    1). Tilahun Gessesse’s: “ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!” – ሲሉ – “የረሃብን ጉንፋን ሲስሉ ….” [Circa 1975].
    2). ‘The World’s national anthem for Ethiopia’: “We are the World!” … [Circa 1985]

    II). Abiy’s ≤5-Year Report Card – [A bird’s-eye view of his accomplishment]:

    1). Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat despite TPLF/OLF/OLA/IFLO*-staged assassination attempt; COVID; Egypt-WSW*-orchestrated Riots/Proxy Wars; WSW-imposed drastic Birr devaluation/embargo/sanctions, loan/aid cancellations; locust; drought; IDPs; etc.

    2). Abiy kept TPLF-bankrupted Ethiopia afloat with $1 billion from UAE’s Prince MBZ. TPLF looted Ethiopia bone-dry to trigger Ethiopia’s Collapse & to stage easy come-back.

    3). Citizen-Rescuing Ethiopia: Released millions of TPLF prisoners & emptied over-filled Ethiopian prisons; flew home ≥850,000 refugees living degrading/inhumane life;

    4). Unlike the EDI*, Abiy REFUSED to sell Ethiopia to Egypt & Egypt’s WSW Patrons. He also repulsed Proxy Wars unleashed via their Dogs: TPLF, OLF/OLA/IFLO, etc.

    5). Green & Clean Ethiopia: Afforestation Campaign – Ethiopia planted ≥25 billion trees.

    6). Child-Friendly Ethiopia: Feeds ≥10 million students twice a day; gives free school supplies; built many primary & secondary schools with sale from his Medemer book;

    7). Citizen-Feeding Ethiopia: All-in-one Mega Bakeries built in populous towns sell bread at rock bottom prices; Addis feeds ≥50,000 twice a day at 17 community centers;

    8). Abiy built a World-Class Robust Ethio Defence Force & Law Enforcement Agencies from scratch WHILE dismantling the ones that served-and-protected TPLF for 27 years;

    9). Abiy built World-Class Industrial Parks that employ thousands of Ethiopians: Akaki-Kaliti, Nazret, Awassa, Debre-Berhan, Bahir-Dar, Kombolcha, Dire-Dawa, Jimma, etc.

    10). Agriculture has flourished: From begging for wheat to surplus; millions of hectares of mechanized & irrigated farms; farmers given thousands of tractors/machinery/pumps;

    11). Abiy’s Fund-Raisers for World-Class Projects: Adowa & Science Museums, Abrhot Library, Entoto/Unity/Friendship Parks, Gorgora/Koisha/Wonchi, Mesqel Square, etc.

    12). Massive miscellaneous projects completed or on track – AGAINST ALL ODDS:
    i). Electrification [Hydro/Wind/Solar/Geo], industrialization, mechanization, Telecom;
    ii). Addis shot from open-air public toilet [rivers, empty lots, etc.] to world-class city;
    iii). Public housing projects, shanty town upgrades, sports facilities, etc.;
    iv). Road Networks: 450 km asphalt in Gojjam alone, Abbay Bridge at Bahir-Dar, etc.

    *EDI: Ethiopian Diaspora Intellectual / *IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia

    • Your fishy stats do not reflect the real life @ z GROUND!!!
      parents’ sinking in making their livelihoods to the extent of being unable to feed their children and go for school feeding; is it a sign of progress? Or is regressing deep?!

  3. Here is the real report card of the fake egomaniac, aka, capocrimine, oromumma mafia, don Abiy the imbecile:

    2018 before the con man came to power by hook and crook:

    1) 1 US dollar= about 20 birr official, parallel market about 24 birr
    2) 1 quintal teff=4000 birr
    3) 1 kilo beef = 125 birr
    4) 1 litter petrol =about 24 birr
    5) able to travel throughout most of Ethiopia

    2023 after 5 years misery of the con man

    1) 1 US dollar = 54 birr official, 107 birr parallel market
    2) 1 quintal teff= 10,000 birr
    3) 1 kilo beef can go up to $800 birr
    4) 1 liter petrol = 62 birr
    5) unable to travel anywhere in Ethiopia

    Are Ethiopians doing better now than they were doing five years ago???

    Answer : Hell No!!!!! Inflation is 40%, banks are collapsing and the regime is falling apart.

    The incompetent collection of thugs have failed to provide the basic and rudimentary functions expected of any government:

    1) they have not kept Ethiopians safe
    2) they have massacred an estimated one million people
    3) they have starved 20,000,000
    4) they have displaced tens of millions
    5) they have made hundreds of thousands homeless

    Final report card grade of the imbecile: F!!!!!!!!!

    Two bit worthless cadres of the regime can bark like dogs , true to their form. Not worth anybody’s time to these blood sucking parasites on the back of the Ethiopian people,

    • ክቡርነቶ [መኳንንት/መሳፍንት], Short Answer:

      1). Blame the Domestic Terrorist in Amara/Oromo/Tigre/etc. Activist Hats wreaking havoc all over Ethiopia. They don’t care about Amara/Oromo/Tigre/etc.:

      i). አማራ ሸኔ:- ጃል Eskender N., ጃል Mesafint T., ጃል Zemene K., ጃል Mehret W., etc.
      ii). ኦሮሞ ሸኔ:- ጃል ጅል መሮ & Co., etc. [ጭራቅ የሚመስሉ – ኦሮሞ አስሰዳቢዎች!]
      iii). ትግሬ ሸኔ: TPLF & Co. [ጃል Debre-Tsion, ጃል Fetle-Work, ጃል Tsadkan, ad nauseam]

      2). Blame their Patrons [Egypt & WSW] & Your ሞግዚትs [WSW] for everything you scribbled above. All the answers were staring at you – right in my second post above!!! [PS: See the addendum below!]

  4. ክቡርነቶ [መኳንንት/መሳፍንት]:- Unlike you, I don’t do things for reward! I left Ethiopia because of Your Feudal Monarchy & its Dogs, Derg & its Dogs [Meison/EPRP/etc.], etc. I don’t want Ethiopians to leave their country.

    I want Ethiopians to live in Ethiopia with dignity! I only post here to avert My Past from becoming The Future of this generation! No one should use others as expendable cannon fodder & springboard to grab power!

    Abiy owes me NOTHING! It is the REVERSE: I owe Abiy BIG TIME for his efforts to turn Ethiopia from “The World’s Poster Child of Poverty & Famine” in to “The World’s Poster Child of Prosperity & Greenery.” He is a Nobel millionaire who could have quit and lived a luxurious life abroad! This shows that he cares about Ethiopia.

    Don’t make yourself the yardstick for me! I heard that Haile-Sellasie (HS) had a horse named “ጠቅል”! All you HS Cadres had to do was say “የጠቅል አሽከር!” each time ጠቅል sneezed →to get free 1 ጋሻ የ‘ጋላ’ መሬት Plus ምፅዋት & ፍርፋሪ! [“ክፉ አያናግሩኝ!” ብዬዎት አልነበረም ወይ?]

    BTW, why are HS & his descendants ashamed of their Oromo ancestry? Aren’t HS’ grand fathers Oromos? So, when it is for a free 1 ጋሻ የ‘ጋላ’ መሬት you even stoop for a horse [ጠቅል], but to grab power you stoop for Amaras and wear the Amara Activist Hat!

    HS’ Mom: ልዕልት የሺመቤት አሊ ጋምጩ [Wollo’s Pricess] /// HS’ Dad: ራስ መኮንን ጉዲሳ
    Share this with your Feudal Monarchy Buddies:

    • i-Mognu: you have given your self a perfect nick name. If someone doesn’t see how shallow Abyie’s leadership is then that person should be mogne. Most support him in the beginning just because he said all the right things about the past of Ethiopia and aspiration for a better Ethiopia. That was just talk. He couldn’t deliver because he wanted to be liked by all which is impossible. The time required decisive leaders for what he/she believes. This time, nobody knows what Abyie believes except love for unchecked power. A danger unless it is reversed quickly.

  5. Manny,

    1). Abiy is a Nobel millionaire who can live a luxurious life. What does he lose if he quits? He opted to transform Ethiopia from “World’s Poster Child of Poverty & Famine” TO “World’s Poster Child of Prosperity & Greenery!”

    2). Ethiopia’s Enemies have deployed Agents who wrap themselves in the Ethiopian flag and wreak havoc wearing the X/Y/Z Activist Hat. Why is Abiy responsible for that? Why don’t you blame the culprits/traitors?

    3). How is Abiy supposed to solve the existing myriad of cumulative problems from bygone era when people who demand solutions churn additional problems 24/7/365? Why don’t they want to be part of the solution?

    4). Most ‘Ethiopians’ abroad were beneficiaries of former regimes [servants, scholarship recipients, etc.]. They are not Ethiopian citizens either! They want power without elections! Why would Ethiopians want them back?


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